Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Kinda Been Awhile...

But, whatever!


- Kid Cudi's Up Up and Away is easily the most fun song I've heard in ages.
- It's also the most stoner-iffic anthem that I've heard in awhile, which slightly offends me.
- Kid Cudis album is great, even if all the lyrics involve getting high, which bores me. Thats how great he is. Its barely rap, really. Just great pop. Kind of.

- I love the new Matthew Good song, I cannot wait for Vancouver to drop, since "Last Parade" sounds like Avalanche era Good, which is maybe my favourite sound ever. EVER.

- Moneen's new album "The World That I Want to Leave Behind" is probably the album of the year at this point, it's just amazing.
- Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" - I just heard them perform it on Conan, and as of right now, it's probably the best song of the year.
- Does anyone read this? Answer: NO!
- The last song on the new .M. disc is certifiably epic, which is kind of surprising. They've always been magnificent in scope, but rarely do they hit the massive heights of the "Glass House" (the last song on the new disc) . It just blows up from a punky intro to a humongous ending with choral singing that just lures you in, like a creepy guy offering candy to a six year old.

- Yes that's the worst thing I've ever written in my blog.

- Eff the haters, I really dig The Blueprint 3, by Jay-Z. Run This Town is the best summer song thats come out so far, that clearly missed the summer, since its very cool out at this point.
- I watched JayZ, Rhiana, and KANYE WEST (YO YOUR BLOGS GOOD, BUT BEYONCES IS THE BEST OF A GENERATION!) do Run This Town on Lenos debut show the other day, and honestly, it must have scared the CRAP out of a bunch of racist American mid-westerners.

- Muse are the kings of over-endulgence, which makes them awesome.
- Their new album isnt as good as Black Holes and Revelations, but its still pretty great.
- They were the only artist(s) on the MTV VMAs to actually perform rock and roll. Green Day just do watered down pop-punk. GD was still fun though.

- The new Mute Math, Armistice, is way better then it should be. Their last disc was only good because it had one amazing single, TYPICAL. Beyond that, it was boring as hell. Their new disc lacks a song as good as TYPICAL, but its leap years better as an album.

- I have no clue what the hell is going on with YACHT, but Im in Love With a Ripper, is one of this years catchiest songs. Its either sampling or straight up ripping off another OK song, but it makes it great, either way. Just straight up FUN.

- In the actual episodes, I was pretty unimpressed with the majority of the Flight of the Conchords songs, but on the album, almost all of them pop, and make for great listening. REMEMBER:
You think you know fashion- Well, fashion's a stranger. You think fashion's your friend - My friend, fashion is DANGER.

- Calvin Harrissssss album Ready For the Weekend is mildly fun, but really, its only notable due to all the BRITISH (AKA NME) HYPE! Still, its fun, and I wish it was more popular then any of those Disney Channel produced bands.

- After one great shitty pop-punk album, Brand New have turned out three amazing yet depressing 90s influenced albums. Its still great, but honestly, Im hoping for something new, other then their now-standard spiel of luring me into depression via music. Theyre still one of my favourite bands, but really, they beat the crap out of me when I listen to them.
- Knowing Brand New have put out four albums makes me feel old at this point.

- If you want to hear any of the albums or songs Im rambling about, just put any of the bands into google, and their MYSPACE will come up, and you can hear the songs. Of the 0.0111% reading this blog, approximately 0.000000% will actually do this!

On May 13th, I played "Drunken Musical Blog Twitters".

This is round two, I guess.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bloc Party - One More Chance Video

One of the weirder/nonsensical things I've seen in awhile. No clue what's going on in this one, but I like their new song, the piano's a bit goofy, but for the most part it holds up to their other "In-between albums" singles.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Edgefest 2009

I made the trek to Toronto for 102.1 The Edge's "Edgefest 2009".

Sadly, it rained throughout the day, and it was a miserable event in terms of weather. Wind/cold/rain created a fairly unpleasant atmosphere, with a LOT of mud and dirt. As much as I'd like to say that the event was good enough to prevent the weather from ruining it, but sadly, the weather was just too unpleasant. That being said, here's my thoughts:

The Arkells - I haven't heard any of their album, and that's going to change quickly. They were really tight live, and despite the weather, created a really fun atmosphere for the people there. They're only going to get bigger and better from here on out.

The Stills - I love the Stills, but I love their debut album, Logic Will Break Your Heart, even more. Sadly, they only played one song off the album (Still in Love Song), and chose to focus on their newer songs. I really dig the new album, but a couple more cuts from their debut would have made for a better set. I think they fealt the need to play their heavier songs to fit into with the rest of the bill, and left off their slower/softer songs, which is a shame. That being said, Snake Charming the Masses sounded huge, while Being Here was suitably epic.

K-Os - I like KOS enough, but I'm not a big hip-hop fan, and don't really know many of his songs. It was exciting, as he's got a good stage prescence, but it's not really my cup of tea. Led Zeppelin sampling was cool though.

Metric - In one word? Wow. AT this point, Metric made it clear they were a much bigger band then any of the other artists, with their suitably huge and shimmering sound. They played a bunch of songs off all three albums, and it really made me appreciate them more as a band to see them live. Great songs, great set, great band.

Cancer Bats - Despite having a southern drawl despite being Canadian, they were awesome live. REally hard, really rocking, and they got a lot of people into it. They were the hardest band on the bill, and it added some nice diversity to see a band rock with so much force.

Alexisonfire - In terms of getting the crowd into it, no one could beat AOF. They rocked the place hard, and everyone loved it. Part of their live appeal is the fact that their lead screamer, George, acts as a hypeman so well. You want to love it when he's ranting on stage about anything. At this point, with their fourth album coming out, they've got a really great set, with a lot of hits.

Moneen - My favourite band was pretty decent. They played a few new songs (cannot wait for that album), but they seemed to be missing something. Maybe it's the fact that I'm used to seeing them in an intimate setting, but they didn't seem to accept the larger setting that well. That being said, with AFI blaring in the back ground and it raining, it couldn't have been easy. They're still the most underrated band in the world, and I can't wait to see them next.

After a day's worth of rain and mud, we'd had enough, so we bailed on seeing AFI and Billy Talent. I've never seen AFI, but Billy Talent is great live, so I'm sure they lived up to their headliner status.

All and all, not a bad day, that could have been way better with decent weather.


Link to Edge's Page About the Event, Including Video, Pictures and More:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music Sales

I'm pretty fascinated by the sale of music. Specifically, I enjoy looking at the raw data of how much CDs sell on a certain basis. Which CDs sell huge their first week, which ones stick around selling for awhile.

Sadly, there doesn't appear to be much raw data on the internet for CD sales. This is because companies pay for that data, and if you can get it online for free, why bother paying for it? It's easy to find the weekly charts like Billboard, but they don't really contain much data.

A few years back I found the "Global Track Chart" which somehow manages to keep data for the top selling albums on a world wide level each week. I have no clue how accurate it is (seems silly to lie?), but the trends seem to matchup with the trends on legitimate charts. I follow it each week, and from time to time, I'm hoping to type up some thoughts about it. Here's my first crack.

Last Week's World Wide Album Sales

Dave Matthews Band debuted at number one this week. I'm not a fan of DMB, but it was pretty obvious this would debut at number one, as they're huge in North America. I am surprised to hear it's been 4 years since the last album. Seems like a long time for a band that could drop a new CD and have massive sales.

Eminem and Green Day are numbers 2 and 3, obviously.

Lady Gaga at number 4, based on the strength of her first two singles I'd have to think, as any other song I've heard off the album is garbage. But, in this era two legitimately great songs is enough to
have a "Great" record, so I'll give her credit.

Nana Mizuki - Ultimate Diamond is at number 7. No clue, but I notice Japanese acts tend to have one huge first week, and then die off. It's rare to see a Japanese artist stick on that chart for more then one or two weeks.

Since it is world wide, it's fascinating for me to see artists in the top 40 who I've never heard of before.
Eros Ramazzotti, Paul Potts, Wisin & Yandel, Christophe Williem, and Escala are all acts I've never heard of, but apparently are doing well, interesting.

Kings of Leon at 11 is amazing. That album's been on the charts for 37 weeks, and has sold easily over 2 million albums, yet it's still selling 60K a week world wide. Good for them, as they flew under the radar in North America for a long time, but their rise from obscurity to being one of the biggest bands in the world is amazing. I wonder if their next disc will be able to live up to the hype? Like Lady Gaga, they had two amazing songs (Sex on Fire and Use Somebody), and the album's lived off those two songs. Kings of Leon's future is really interesting right now - what comes next?

Rock and Roll debuts take up the second quarter! Rancid at number 10, 311 at 12, Taking Back Sunday at 14, and Chickenfoot at 15. I wouldn't have predicted that order. The thing is, 311 and Rancid have devoted fanbases, and after they've exhausted that, they'll drop off huge. Taking Back Sunday will get a lot more radio play and attention for their album, so I'd expect that disc to have more legs then 311 and Rancid. All three are really good discs from really good bands who have managed to carve out strong niches for themselves. The Chickenfoot thing is odd, that's a good number for a band that's only market seems to be people who cannot wait for new Van Halen music, but I'd expect it to die within a month. Has anyone heard a song off that disc?

311 and Rancid both outsold The Black Eyed Peas. I know that won't last, as BEP will sell more overall, but that really makes me love the world. Odd that a new BEP disc did so poorly. Weren't they one of the biggest pop acts in the world at one point?

Pink and Beyonce have really gotten good mileage out of their new discs, but not as good as Kings of Leon, which is amazing to me.

Elvis Costello had a new album out and it debuted at 30. Seems odd, but probably not. I think Elvis was always a bit more of a cool/edgy artist compared to a lot of the people who seem to be his peers as he gets older.

If Beyonce, Pink and Lady Gaga are her peers (pop females), then Kelly Clarkson's disc has to be a disapointment. Despite being out for a third of the time, its selling way less. Sucks for Kelly.

Number 1, DMB sold almost 440 000 copies. Number 40, Phoenix (a supeb album) sold 23000. That discrepancy seems huge to me, and is really indicative of how poor album sales are. Only four discs sold over a 100K this week, and only 15 could sell over 50K.

I know this is all useless, but my brain's shot and can't think of anything better.


Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Things to be Happy About New Music Right Now

I'm in a bit of a pissy mood right now, so I'll take a cue from some other blogs I've seen in an effort to pick myself up a bit. Here are the ten things about new music that are making me very happy right now.

Ten Things About New Music to be Happy About!
(no real order)

10. Passion Pit's "Little Secrets" - The entire album is great, but this song is just about the sunniest and happiest song I've ever heard.

9. Patrick Wolf's "Hard Times" - While I prefer 2007's "The Magic Position" to this year's "The Bachelor", the first real song off the album is awesome. Wolf's one of the most unique and interesting people in music right now, and this song's an eclectic mix of sounds.

8. Taking Back Sunday - New Again - It's a really interesting album for a lot of reasons. It sounds like TBS, but at the same time, feels different. There's a bunch of great songs (Swing is my favourite) and it's a real evolution for the band in a lot of ways.

7. The Sounds - "Dorchester Hotel" - Off of one of the best CDs of 2009 (Crossing the Rubicon), this endlessly catchy single will blow up later this summer, when it gets a proper release, it's amazing.

6. Tommy Tutone - Jenny/867-5309 - One of the greatest one hit wonders ever; who doesn't love a chorus that is also a phone number?

5. cky's return to form on "Carver City" - After a dissapointing album in An Answer Can't Be Found, and a few years of near breakups, Philly's CKY fired back with an awesome album (Carver City), that recalls the sound that made them so original/great to begin with, yet adding some new elements to make it seem new and fresh.

4. Edgefest - Billy Talent! Moneen! AFI! Metric! The Stills! Alexisonfire! - I don't go to many concerts anymore, and go to even less festivals, but I'm thoroughly excited for this one.

3. Free music! - As the last post indicated, more and more free tunes are showing up online, as a lot of bands are finally realizing how useful giving away music can be.

2. Moneen's new EP "Hold That Sound" - After a lengthy wait for new material, one of my favourite bands is coming back, and the EP is just the appetite for the impending new album!

1. The return of Muse - After releasing the best album of 2006 (the epic Black Holes and Revelations), Muse finally returns with a new album this September. Entitled "The Resistance", there's not much information available right now, but I'm still ridiculously excited thinking about it.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Free Music!

Finch recently put up their 2008 return EP (featuring the awesome Chinese Organ Thieves) and its worth a download if you haven't heard it yet. It was a really good return to form for one of my formerly favourite bands. Below is the link to the EP, as well as some other free music goodness that I've stumbled upon recently.

Finch - Finch EP (mp3 format)
- For other formats (AAC, WAV LOSSLESS) click HERE Free MP3 of the Day Archive - A free mp3 a day, legally, from a variety of awesome bands. Worth book marking. Some highlights:

Andrew Bird - Oh No
Iron and Wine - Belated Promise Ring
Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man
The Sounds - Dorchester Hotel (one of my favourite songs right now)
Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood
Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire (Great song!)
Rancid - Last One to Die
Thermals - Now We Can See (Great Song!)
Maximo Park - Wraithlike
Miike Snow - Animal (Song I'm currently obsessed with)

Last.FM Free MP3 Download Archive (Some great songs from artists like Late of the Pier, NIN, and many more)

Moneen, one of my favourite bands, recently put their new EP up for streaming. I've embedded the player below, and as always with Moneen, it's worth your time.

Moneen are probably the most underrated band of the last five years, so give them a chance! It's FREE!


MGMT - Kids

MGMT takes 2008's sunniest and most upbeat song and turned it into one of the weirdest and most disturbing videos of 2009. Creepy stuff.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best Songs of May 2009

---Top 20 Songs for May 2009---
(No Order)

1. The Sounds - Nobody Sleeps When I’m Awake – The Sounds first album was a wonderful debut surprise, and with this powerful and instantly catchy first single, their second album is looking to be just as good as their first.
From the Album “Crossing the Rubicon”

2. Maximo Park - the Kids Are Sick Again – Usually good for one or two great songs per CD, Quicken the Heart is no exception, with this slow burning, but explosive-ending song. The last minute of the song is an excellent piece of music, especially after building slowly for the first two minutes of the song.
From the Album “Quicken the Heart”

3. Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me – Snappier then their previous stuff, it looks like TBS is going to break the mold on their new disc, thankfully, it’s instantly recognizable as TBS, yet new enough to be fresh.
From the Album “New Again”

4. Evermore – Everybody’s Doing It – Truth of the World is by far the biggest surprise this year, as it’s a nearly perfect album from start to finish. This is my favourite song on the album, from the starting synth intro, through the explosive ending, and the quiet outro, all about political propaganda.
From the Album “Truth of the World”

5. Evermore – Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World Part 2) – More instantly likeable then the previous song, its also really diverse, with hand claps, Muse-like guitars, and a great choral sing-along breakdown and ending.
From the Album “Truth of the World”

6. The Thermals – Now We Can See – Despite being very upbeat and summer-y, this song’s also got a real edge to it, with the lyrics sounding almost angry. It’s contradictory, but it makes for a great song, with an easily catchy chorus.
From the Album “Now We Can See

7. Phoenix – 1901 – One of my favourite songs of the year, it’s just a simply great upbeat song; it all comes down to great songwriting in the end, and Phoenix nailed it with 1901.
From the Album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

8. Phoenix – Rome – From start to finish, this is another startling good album, with every song a pop rock gem, as Rome further illustrates.
From the Album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

9. Sonny Moore – Gypsyhook – From the former singer of screamo band From First to Last, Gypsyhook is the weirdest pop song that you’ll ever here, despite the absolutely filthy lyrics.
From the album “Gypsyhook EP”

10. Silverstein – Apologize (One Republic Cover) – One of the few songs worth hearing off the abysmal Punk Goes Pop 2 album (most of the bands are more pop then punk), Silverstein knock this cover out of the park, making the song their own, yet keeping it recognizable.
From the album “Punk Goes Pop 2”

11. The Tragically Hip – Coffee Girl – We Are the Same is a great album, but it’s very moody and sad, with a lot of droning and down-beat songs. Coffee Girl is my favourite off a great album from a band that shouldn’t be making such great music this far into their career.
From the album “We Are the Same”

12. Japandroids – The Boys Are Leaving Town – Despite being sludgy and lo-fi, Post-Nothing is really vibrant through its simplicity and cranked up guitars. Hard to describe, but it’s worth more then one listen, as it’s a real grower.
From the album “Post-Nothing”

13. The Streets – David Hassles – I’m pretty sure the beast is from the “People Getting Punched” digital short from SNL. What more could you want?
From the album “Twitter EP”

14. Tinted Windows – Kind of Girl – What do the bands Cheap Trick, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foutains of Wayne, and Hanson have in common? Members of the Tinted Windows all came from those bands, to create the weirdest supergroup in awhile. The album’s too repetitive and too over sugary pop to be good, but this first single is a fun listen.
From the album “Tinted Windows”

15. NOFX – We Called it America – Taking a cure from Bad Religion, NOFX crank up the straight forward political punk, for a quick yet intense song.
From the album “Coaster”

16. NOFX – Creeping Out Sara – The funniest non-parody song I’ve heard in awhile. If you know who Tegan and Sara are, this song will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.
From the album “Coaster”

17. The Audition – Sign. Steal. Deliver – Fun little pop-punk song that’s only punk in its genre’s name.
From the album “Self-Titled Album”

18. Gallows – Death Voices – 90% of people won’t like Gallows, but the 10% who do will adore them. Grey Britain is the angriest and darkest album I’ve heard in a long time. Apparently Britain’s a cesspool, and Gallows are letting out their aggression on this amazing album.
From the album “Grey Britain”

19. Gallows – The Vulture (Acts 1 and 2) – More instrumental then Death Voices, it documents the diversity of the album, as its not just all screaming and hard guitars. The haunted singing and acoustic guitar is just as dark as the enraged screaming and thrashing guitars that follow it up.
From the album “Grey Britain”

20. Attack in Black – Leaving Your Death in a Flowerbed – AIB dropped all of their hardcore influences for this album, and it turns out those influences were the only thing making AIB interesting. This is the best of the bunch off a really boring album, and its decent at best.
From the album “Years By One Thousand Fingertips”

21. Flo Rida – Gotta Get It (Dancer) – To cleanse to pallet, how about yet another song about strippers from the master of writing about strippers.
From the album “ROOTS”

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Time to Play Everyone's Favorite New Game!!!!

Drunken Musical Blog Twitters

Tomorrow is my only day off this week, and I work for all of the long weekend. I want to have some drinks tonight. I'm listening to some music. I don't have a Twitter, nor do I want one, but I do like the 140 characters rule, so I'm doing it here. I may never post this, but whatever musical thought enters my mind will go down here over the next few hours. If it sucks, it won't see the light of day. Haha!

10:34 - Flo Rida really likes Strippers. A LOT. I think there's at least 7 songs on his album about strippers, which seems obscene.
10:35 - That being said, "Right Round" is just a fun song. About strippers.
10:38 - You know things are weird in the world when James Iha would rather be in a band with Taylor Hanson then Billy Corgan. (Tinted Windows)
10:39 - Hell, at this point I'd rather be friends with any of those Hanson ladies then Billy Corgan.
10:40 - /// Old but good.
10: 42 - I've always liked Bob Seger's Hollywood Nights, but had no clue I did until last weekend.
10:43 - I can't start thinking songs sound better on vinyl, I can't afford that transition.
10:44 - // I just love the premise of the dude's question - "I need a really awesome entrance song."
10:49 - // People will argue, but I love Roddy Walker’s voice.
10:51 – Eve 6’s Horrorscope is still one of my all time favourite albums. Pop punk can be so great, yet so very bad as well.
10:52 – Actually, not bad, just horribly generic/repetitive/annoying.
10:53 – Besides unnecessary cameo’s on rap songs, where the hell is Nelly Furtado? Hiding out where Eminem was until this year?
10:54 – If you can, find the Punisher-Eminem team-up comic. It’s ludicrous. (Not the rapper, the adjective)
10: 56 – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl is a perfect song. If I connect to it, does that make me less of a man?
10:59 – Apparently Rubben Studdard has a new album out next week. Eminem better watch out on the sales charts!
11: 00 – The real battle is between Friday’s Green Day release and Wednesday’s Eminem’s release. Who wins? I say Eminem. Or Rubben Studdard.
11:01 – Rubben Studdard’s name might be spelled wrong. I don’t care, but sorry if that offends you. I’m shocked I even know who that is, let alone the spelling of his name!
11: 03 – On May 11th, both Marilyn Manson and Mandy Moore drop new albums. What are the odds that two double-M’d and completely obsolete artists would release albums on the same day?
11:05 – Three years later and Muse was still the most spectacular show I’ve ever been to. I’d love to see them again, but I’ll have to wait for their new album. Hopefully the album’ll be out this year.
11:06 – I love Muse.
11:07 - Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum // While I’m excited, that’s the worst album name in forever.
11:10 – As cool as “Silent Alarm Remixed” was, “Intimacy Remixed” is completely useless. I’m all for remixes, I just don’t like bands selling them as albums, even my favourite bands.
11:14 – I hate the Fast and the Furious movies, but wanted to see the new one, simply because they used a Does it Offend You, Yeah? song in the trailer. It’s even one of their shittier songs!
11:17 - // OH who gives a shit? How is this news?
11:19 – She’s a complete tramp who write’s dumb songs, but I absolutely love Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. Shoot me in the wiener now please.
11:20 – I always thought wiener was spelled e before I, but Word tells me otherwise. Nothing to do with music, but it’s important for me to educate the children with this blog, and now they know.
11:23 – Passion Pit – Sleepyhead is such an awesome song. God bless capitalism, since I first heard them in a PSP commercial.
11:24 – I just got sad knowing TV commercials are better at breaking new music then terrestrial radio.
11:25 – I got happy again, knowing I listen to satellite radio, not terrestrial.
11:28 – I’m always shocked Motion City Soundtrack hasn’t blown up yet. I blame the moog.
11:29 – PS: Moog =
11:32 – The chorus of The Hold Steady’s “Stay Positive” is epic. And true. You do gotta stay positive!!! – cool video too!
11:37 – Maximo Park’s “The Kids Are Sick Again” is the best song that numerous people will love on whatever TV show designed for tweens plays it first, without knowing who the band is, so far this year.
11:45 – Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs is still one of my favourite songs. Great band, but that song’s going to be timeless.
11:47 – Where’s Dashboard Confessional been lately? Been two years since the last album and he’s really fallen off the face of the Earth.
11:48 – With that being said, Again I Go Unnoticed is one of my favourite songs. It’s an absolute sprint from start to finish. So simple, yet so amazing.
11:49 – The Enqueue commend in Winamp no longer works the same way. I am a sad panda.
11:50 – Thankfully American Names by Sebastien Grainger came on to make up for Winamp’s poor programming changes. He really beat Jesse in the “Who will do more interesting stuff post DFA-1979” contest.
11:52 – Apparently Enqueue now makes a second copy in the playlist, but doesn’t necessarily play the song next, especially if shuffle’s on. Stupid.
11:54 – I’m listening to Poker Face again, I need to be sterilized and/or killed. After the song though. I want to die happy/dancing.
11:55 – “I’ll get him hard, show him what I got!” – Awesome! You go girl!
11:56 – Out of all my favourite songs, Desktop Breaking, by Gob, is probably one of the least heard songs, which is a shame. It’s a gem.
11:58 – If the Mae Shi ever got Christian Bale to come to one of their shows to do the rant clips live from “R U Professional”, I’d fly anywhere in the world to see it.
11:59 – Goldfinger has gone for a shit in recent years, but last year’s disc, especially the track “War”, are really good. Don’t call it a comeback?
12:00 – I’ve been doing this for an hour and a half? Really?
12:08 – This is How it Goes, off of Billy Talent 1, is one of the most bad-ass first songs ever. They really kicked the world in the balls with that disc, and that song.
12:10 – Just for sheer originality, MC Lars is one of my favourite artists. No one else could write the songs he could/does/should/would
12:12 – Sometimes I think about whether or not my English degree is worth it, and since I get the Hamlet references in “Hey There Ophelia”, I think it is.
12:18 – Randomly, Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead came on again. Tis’ a good night.
12:21 – Alkaline Trio came on, awesome. No other comment, just awesome.
12:24 – Trent Rezner can rip on Weezer all he wants, I still love them, aside from Maladroit. I still love Nine Inch Nails too. I’m a lover, not a hater.
12:25 – “Hand me down to photographs, spread across the floor, ” - with that lyric, my musical world was expanded in grade 11.
12:28 - Maybe it was grade 12. Still, figure out what that song is, it’s great. That album’s one of my favourite too, even if the band went for a shit after that.
12:29 – I think “Float On” is my favourite song. I know that means nothing, but it’s officially timeless to my generation.
12:32 – Stockholm Syndrome is one of the most overused song titles of the last ten years. FACT!
12:34- That being said, Muse’ version of the song is epic, Bellamy’s falsetto is amazing on the song, it’s great live too.
12:37 – Ender is a great word, when used correctly. It’s also a pretty good slow song, that is over thirteen minutes long. Bang up job Finch!
12: 41 – The Weakerthans – Tournament of Hearts is the best song in the history of man about curling. It might also be the only song about curling...
12:45 – Muse’ – Time is Running Out, is such a smooth song at the start. Then it just explodes like an overheated pizza-pocket in your face. Awful analogy.
12:48 – Man Overboard, a track that was exclusive to their live album, is easily one of the best Blink 182 songs.
12:49 – The creepy thing is, when you listen to Man Overboard, it eerily matches the story of their breakup. DUN DUN DUN.
12:54 – Sorry, I was listening to The Loved One’s “The Inquirer”. The yeah’s part of the song. I swear.
1:01 – Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare is an excellent song name. Google it.
1:02 – I am excited that Hollywood Nights came on again. I think this exercise in writing and alcoholism is almost done.
1:05 – The Limousines – Very Busy People is the “Songs I’m Obsessed With” right now that I never wrote. I wanted to, but failed to.
1:06 – Gallows are super angry at the world, and are an awesome band for it. WOO!
1:08 – Poker Face is on for the third time (randomly, I SWEAR!). This thing’s done. I’m impressed with it. Aren’t you?
The night’s summary:
I like Muse a lot.
I’m probably not as funny as I think I am.
P-P- P-P- P-P- P-P- P-P-OKER FACE! Baby, when it’s love, if it’s not rough, it isn’t fun!


PS: My blog must be awful, since I think this is worth posting!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Lover

I won't post any Youtube links (they'll get deleted by the time you read this), but last night's Digital Short, Mother Lover, is destined to be the next big viral video.

It's a sequel to Dick in a Box with Justin Timberlake, and in terms of the song, it's actually funnier then DIAB. The beat's perfect, and the lyrics are three and a half minutes of hilarity.

Find the videos now (Google "Youtube Motherlover SNL") and get in on it early.

I watched it five times last night before bed (thank you PVR).

In addition the "Plastic-Ville" sketch was great too, and featured a bunch of great song parody's. The Lady Gaga one's in particular were hilarious. Again, you can find the video, but I'm not posting links since they'll be obsolete in minutes.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Creeping Out Sara

While I've never been a huge fan before, I've really been liking the new NOFX album, Coaster. I've liked a few songs before (Franco Un-American, The Decline), but this entire album is really enjoyable for me right now.

One of the highlights is one of the funniest songs I've heard in awhile, Creeping Out Sara.

It involves the band Tegan & Sara and NOFX's interaction with them backstage at a festival in Germany. From start to finish it's both catchy and hilarious. From the classic pop-rock guitar stuff (you'll notice it once you hear it), to the quintessential girl meets boy concept, and finally, to the lyrics, it's a great song.

It may be a bit over some people's heads, if you don't know the following things.
- NOFX likes drugs.
- Tegan & Sara are a band. (Good one, too!)
- T&S are Canadian
- T&S are twin sisters.
- T&S are both lesbians.

Once you know all that, the song is just hilarious from start to finish. It's hard to make a legitimately funny song, and NOFX nailed it on this track.


NOFX - Creeping Out Sara (Youtube):

NOFX MySpace
Tegan & Sara MySpace

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best Songs of April 2009

---Top 20 Songs for April 2009---
(No Order)

1. The Limousines – Very Busy People – Perhaps the most instantly wonderful song since MGMT’s “Kids”, I instantly loved this song, after hearing it for 30 seconds. Similar to the Postal Service, this is perfect electronic pop music that is completely brilliant.
From The Limousines forthcoming debut CD (2009?)

2. K-OS – 4 3 2 1 – Similar in name to the Feist hit from last year, the only similarity between the two songs is how great they both are. By mixing rapping and singing, KOS returns with a brilliant first single off his excellent new album.
From the album “Yes!”

3. The Decemberists – The Rakes Song – Off their huge concept album (The Hazards of Love), this song is both utterly horrible (lyrically – it’s about killing your kids) and wonderful. A great example of telling a story musically, yet still keeping things catchy enough to be great music.
From the album “The Hazards of Love”

4. Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends – Reminiscent of Brand New, this song excels at the use of going from really quiet to really loud really quickly. Angry and dark, yet completely captivating and worthy of a sing-a-long.
From the album Mean Everything To Nothing

5. Silverstein – Vices (Feat. Liam Cormier) – Off this year’s best album so far, it’s one of the darkest and angriest songs I’ve heard in awhile, while still featuring one of the most over the top yet brilliant lyrics in awhile - I’m not going home tonight, I’d rather sleep with the devil.
From the album A Shipwreck in the Sand

6. Silverstein – The Tide Raises Every Ship – Shane Told's voice BOOMS in this one, explaining a lot of the lyrical story from the album. I struggled to pick just two songs from Silverstein this month, as their new album is absolutely brilliant and by far their best work, I highly recommend it.
From the album A Shipwreck in the Sand

7. Bob Mould – Life and Times – A straightforward great rock song about reflection and nostalgia, the use of string instruments is minimal but works well, to accent how much the song rocks.
From the album Life and Times

8. Art Brut – DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes – Fun rock about the lighter things in life, and not wanting to take growing up so seriously. The chorus is catchy as hell, and it’s a self-referential song about comic books, of course I was going to include it this month.
From the album Art Brut Vs Satan

9. MeWithoutYou – The Fox, the Crow, And the Cookie – Abandoning any of their hardcore elements, these folk-punk weirdo's new album is a simple but great folk-pop disc with lots of unique songs about animals, including this catchy song that is essentially just a children’s story.
From the album It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright

10. Depeche Mode – Wrong – While the rest of this album is pretty boring, Wrong`s a dark and slightly morbid electronic gem.
From the album Sounds of the Universe

11. Dan Deacon – Build Voice – Bromst is packed with electronic songs that start out slow but build to amazing conclusions. Build Voice may be the best example of this, like Silverstein, I really recommend Dan Deacons album this month, as its worth listening to from start to finish.
From the album Bromst

12. Dan Deacon – Padding Ghost – More spastic then Build Voice, the sounds are more upbeat, making for a great electronic dance song.
From the album Bromst

13. Doves – The Outsiders – A great rock song that builds to a great finish, almost like if Coldplay had a bit more balls.
From the album Kingdom of Rust

14. Mastodon – Crack the Skye – Despite thinking that every prog-metal sounds exactly the same, I really like this new single from Mastodon, its oddly catchy for being such an epic metal song.
From the album Crack the Skye

15. Peter Bjorn and John – Living Thing – An oddly catchy song that features a lot of silent spaces to accent the core elements of the song, and how they all come together at the finish of the song.
From the album Living Thing

16. Trey Parker – Gay Fish – Even if you don’t watch South Park, I’m sure that you`ll appreciate this perfect parody of Kanye West’s Heartless. It’s a brilliant poke at Kanye, yet it’s still catchy, and once you start listening to all of the ridiculous lyrics, it just takes things to another level.
From the South Park episode Fishsticks

17. Silversun Pickups – There`s No Secrets This Year – With some wicked guitars, the Pickups kick off their pretty good new album in great fashion, with this wonderful song that will linger in your head for hours.
From the album Swoon

18. Wild Light – Heart Attack – While the rest of the album was a disappointment from California on My Mind, I really like this upbeat song with a fun chorus.
From the album Adult Nights

19. Static-X – Lunatic – I love the guitar intro to this song a lot, and it never slows down from that point forward, in this speedy and aggressive track.
From the album Cult of Static

20. The Sleeping – Bomb the World – Bit of a ludicrous title sure, but by the time the title is repeated quietly at 2:25 of this song, you`ll be a fan.
From the album What It Takes

What a Fun Video

Apparently this is from a new BBC Dramedy about the lives of the members of a choir, and it incorporates some modern songs into it. I'm going to look into finding the episodes somewhere to see if it's any good, but for now, I think this is awesome.

Back later with a new Song I'm Obsessed With, and some more stuff hopefully.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bronx - Knifeman

Sure it's a goofy video, but at 0:35 seconds, when the second guitar kicks in, tell me that isn't a badass song!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Top 15 Canadian Albums Since 2000

I've been thinking about two things musically lately.

First off is the fact that the first decade of the new millennium ends at the end of this year. Yes, Y2K was ten years ago now, which is mind boggling.

Secondly, I've been really enjoying a lot of music from Canadian bands lately, and I've thought about how many great Canadian bands h ave emerged in the last ten years.

With those two things in mind, I now present my favourite fifteen albums from Canadian bands since 2000. The FavTape containing 30 songs from these 15 albums is at the bottom, if you'd like to hear some of the music while listening, go to the bottom, or click HERE.

The Top 15 Canadian Albums Since 2000

(Sorted by Year - Not by Favourite)
Gob - The World According to Gob - 2001 - For a 16 year old me, this album was pure pop-punk bliss. I've always loved Gob, but this was their pinnacle, with song after song that just make me happy. "I Hear You Calling" may be the best pop-punk song of the last ten years in my opinion.

Treble Charger - Wide Awake Bored - 2001 - Containing one of the greatest Canadian singles of the last decade (American Psyho), the first three songs on Wide Awake Bored are nearly unbeatable. It's a shame they broke up, as a couple of their albums were great, especially this early 2000's classic.

Matthew Good - Avalanche - 2003 - I struggled to only put one Matthew Good album on this list, but Avalanche is by far and away my favourite piece of music he's put out since 2000. Full of lengthy and lush anthems, I can listen to this from start to finish over and over, it's a brilliant album.

Billy Talent - Billy Talent - 2003 - Bursting onto the mainstream in 2003, this album really brought a sense of rock and roll to Canadian music at the time. It was a real kick in the ass, adding a tonne of ferocity and almost danger to my musical choices of the time. It still holds up, as its an amazing album from start to finish.

The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart - 2003 - I remember going to University and opening my eyes to a lot of music, especially this album of shimmering and hypnotic rock. I have and still can listen to the entire album on repeat and lose hours of time, with how amazing and captivating it is.

Dears - No Cities Left - 2003 - This was another eye-opener, as I struggle to think of another band that sounds like the Dears did on this album. While it certainly beautiful and layered like other indie albums, this one has a layer of menace and doom that other indie bands don't dare approach; this album is equal parts uplifting and scary.

Metric - Old World Underground - 2003 - Making it ok to dance to rock again, Metric blew up with this awesome album that's endlessly catchy and happy.

Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People - 2003 - Six years later, and this album still impresses and surprises me. Broken Social Scene really changed the landscape of Canadian music with this album (and the peripheral band albums), and it still holds up well.

The Arcade Fire - Funeral - 2004 - I don't know what I can say about this album that hasn't been said before, there's a reason why it's universally hailed - it's amazing, nuff' said.

Death From Above 1979 -You're a Woman, I'm a Machine - 2004 - Making hard rock danceable was DFA's MO, and this brilliant first (and last) album is nigh-perfect, and it only adds to the greatness that they broke up shortly after putting it out.

The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema - 2005 - Relentlessly poppy, this album is hit after hit that serve to cheer you up, in a style that no other band really emulates right now, this album's excellently unique and catchy.

Moneen - the Red Tree - 2006 - After two albums and a few EPs trying to create the perfect album for their sound, Moneen struck gold in 2006 with this album that is brilliant from start to finish. I love Moneen, and while this song lacked a true single, it's one of the most complete albums I've ever heard.

The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible - 2007 - Proving that Funeral wasn't a fluke, Neon Bible expands their sonic landscapes to create more single-friendly rock and roll, yet never giving up any of their honesty and beauty.

Weakerthans - Reunion Tour - 2007 - You can pick any Weakerthans album and make a case for it's brilliance, but my favourite is their newest disc. It's unique, catchy, rocking, happy, and everything wonderful that you'd expect from a band as great and Canadian as they are.

Matt Mays - Terminal Romance - 2008 - From star to finish, every song counts on this album, and every song will hook you by the end. Not nearly as complicated as some of May's previous albums, but it's certainly his best album, with song after song of glorious Canadian rock and roll.

Honorable Mention

Boys Night Out - Trainwreck - 2005 - If I had to pick a sixteenth album, I'd pick this amazing concept album about drug abuse and death. I don't think I liked an album before, and they haven't done anything great since, but Trainwreck's a masterpiece.

Below is a link to the FavTape I made for this list, which contains two songs off every album, except Wide Awake Bored, which only has one, so I threw on a song from Trainwreck to make it an even 30 songs, all available for streaming/downloading goodness.

Any opinions or arguments? Post away.


Top 15 Canadian Albums Since 2000 FAVTAPE

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Billy Corgan - WTF?

At one point the Smashing Pumpkins were one of my favourite bands. I LOVED there 90's output, especially Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, which was one of the first albums I ever bought for myself.

But since resurrecting his former band, it seems like he's just trying to ruin his name. There's all kind of shenanigans you can look up (The Chamberlain stuff, the replacement players, the selling out stuff), but this video for TNA Wrestling is just pathetic.

I enjoy wrestling, but TNA is about the shittiest thing you can see on television right now. It's horrible and nearly unwatchable, and continues to ruin the legacy of a lot of formerly great wrestlers who need to hang up the ties.

Which makes this video oddly appropriate then.


PS: I love the song too, which makes it all the worse.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Songs I'm Currently Obsessed With!

This Edition:

Wild Light - California on My Mind

Alt Nation's been playing the crap out of this song lately, and for good reason. It's endlessly poppy and upbeat, yet the lyrics are horribly angry at someone/the state of California.

As we head into the summer, I'm always on the look out for great "Summer Songs" (a term I use that I'll define soon), which is basically a great song to listen to in the happy and bright days of summer. The song's got to be poppy, upbeat, and just a joy to listen to.

California on My Mind is extra great, since it is so poppy, but at the same time the lyrics are fairly obscene and morbid ("Give me a lake that I can dive into... bury my head in the shit at the bottom").

I think we can all relate to the state of mind were something/someone has angered us so much that we want nothing more to just forget about it, but all we can do is think about the thing pissing us off so much.

I prefer to let the song speak for itself, but to give it a frame of reference to anyone whose yet to hear the song, LAST.FM lists their similar artists as AC Newman (of the New Pornographers), The Arcade Fire, and the Airborne Toxic Event. I can definitely see a bit of all those bands in Wild Light, but ultimately, California on My Mind is far simpler then those artists, which is the brilliance of the song: it's quick, it's upbeat, and it sounds sunny when being really angry.

There is a link to a free MP3 below, so you all have no excuse NOT to listen to this song, so go ahead and get it, I recommend it, since I'm going on ninth listen to the song in a row.

That's the song that I'm currently obsessed with.



Free Mp3 Download ( Free MP3 of the Day!)

Youtube: California on My Mind Video

Streaming on Wild Light's MySpace

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm tired and my brain's fried from writing the last essay of the year. I'd love to a longer post about one of my favourite song's (I don't want to say which, as the post will come eventually), but instead I'm just going to throw down some stuff about music I'm listening to.

- Apparently Static-X are good again. Also, shockingly heavy. Machine was such a rocking album that it's kind of sad they got lost in the shuffle when the big nu-metal bubble burst.

- Speaking of nu-metal, when are Korn going to throw in the towel? It's really sad to see a 40 year old dude in a kilt complaining about angsty teenage problems. I won't deny how great Follow the Leader was ten years ago, but they haven't done anything noteworthy in a long-ass time. The drummer got it right when he walked away.

- I do think it's funny that Korn's the fake-band with Lil Wayne in the Prom Queen video. Which by the way, is a shitty song. I'm not a huge rap guy, but Tha Carter 3 was excellent last year, and I truly thought Lollipop was something like how pop music will be in the future, but this new one's a real clunker. I hate when someone's so good at something, yet they're so good they feel the need to try and do something else. Please stick to rapping, do not fucking sing Lil Wayne.

- While on YouTube looking for those videos, I found THIS monstrosity. I will never, ever get the Japanese, other then on the ironically funny level.

- On the video topic, Eminem's new video is really interesting. I like the song enough, but at this point Eminem's schtick is so predictable, but almost to the point where it's fun again. Once you stop expecting him to do something different, it's fun to watch him rip on women so much.

- The new Dan Deacon album, Bromst, is nothing short of amazing. He's taken electronic music to a new level, creating a whole sonic landscape on his album. It flows so well, and it's way more evolved and lush then typical computer-music should be.

- Speaking of synth/electronica taken to new levels, I still love LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver album. Both All My Friends and Someone Great play on emotional levels that most music can only dream about. Sound of Silver is a masterpiece, I love it the more I listen to it.

- I've never been a huge fan of Mastodon, simply because I'm not a big Metal fan, and they're overhyped to hell, but their new song, Crack the Skye, is kind of badass. Sounds like every other piece of proggy-metal to me, but it's still good.

- The Decemberists new album, The Hazards of Love, is really good, but maybe two or three songs to long. I love the use of leitmotifs (recurring musical elements/themes) as it can really tie an album together if done subtlly enough, and they did it well on the album. It just might be too long to be a great album, really feels like a couple of cuts (everyone loves B-Sides!) would have done it well. Bit over-indulgent, as well as being too similar to the Crane Wife (another brilliant CD) - overall, still really great. LOVE THIS SONG.

- I got into the Von Bondies late, since their new song, Pale Bride, phenomenal. At the same time I've always loved C'mon C'mon, without ever knowing who it was singing. Both are great, if not similar songs. Makes me want to watch Rescue Me (which is at the top of my list of shows to watch if I ever get some time). Of the two, I like Pale Bride more, but C'mon C'mon is fun for how short/fast it is.

- Truer words have never been spoken: There Are Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor! Such a funny/true premise, made all the more better by the great video.

- As great as Flight of the Conchords are, I almost feel that The Mighty Boosh are better. Definately weirder and nost as much reliance on songs, but overall, maybe a better comedy show. The first season where the two of them are zoo keepers is easily in my top five seasons of television. I had so much joy watching that run. Various proof of Boosh awesomeness: ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE

That's enough for now. Between my shitty words, and these awesome videos, you should be busy for at least thirty five minutes.


PS: Twenty videos! Badass! Thanks Youtube!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Best Songs of March 2009

1. Iglu & Hartly – In This City – Easily one of the happiest and most upbeat songs that I’ve heard in awhile. Just pure summer time goodness about loving the city that you live in and everything that it brings. This song just makes me happy to be alive.

From the Album “And then Boom”

2. Metric – Help, I’m Alive – “Fantasies” first single, for a good reason, as it reminds me of everything why I love Metric. Dark and ominous and some points, yet poppy and dance-y at others – the perfect formula for a Metric song.

From the Album “Fantasies”

3. Metric – Gimme Sympathy – The upbeat rocker that features one of my favorite lines of 2009, “Who would you rather be – the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” Definitely more straight forward then typical Metric, and it works brilliantly, for a song that will probably be all over Canadian radio come June.

From the Album “Fantasies”

4. The Knux – Cappuccino – Over an awesome party beat, two New Orleans MC’s rap about women and sex, using the awesome metaphor of lattes and coffee shops. Even if you hate the lyrics, it’s a great party-rap song.

From the Album “Remind Me in 3 Days…”

5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero – And oddly poppy song (you don’t realize how catchy it is until it’s stuck in your head an hour later) that builds gloriously to its epic peak at 2:20 into the song.

From the Album “It’s Blitz!”

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll – Dripping with synth, this dark pop track blew me away the first time I ever heard it. I’m amazed that three albums into their career, YYYs can shake things up so much, yet still sound so awesome. Song of the year, thus far.

From the Album “It’s Blitz!”

7. Marianas Trench – Cross My Heart – Sure it’s got all the pop-punk clich├ęs – whiny vocals, hand claps, the group vocal ending, etc. Even in the face of all these trappings, the songs still infectiously catchy and really forced me to love it.

From the Album “Masterpiece Theatre”

8. Ace Enders & A Million Different People – SOS – It starts out soft and acoustic, yet builds to a crescendo of a full band and a catchy climax, all about sending out a signal of distress. Really shows how wonderful Ace’s voice is.

From the Album “When I Hit the Ground”

9. Ace Enders & A Million Different People – Where Do We Go From Here – Longer and more epic then SOS, it’s also more straight forward rock music, but it uses its almost six minutes length to create an athemic and awesome piece of music.

From the Album “When I Hit the Ground”

10. Thursday – Last Call – A furious return to older sounds for Thursday, in an emo/rock song that’s equal parts threatening as it is fun.

From the album “Common Existence”

11. Cursive – In the Now – A short and frantic bomb-burst of a song that brings lyrical punk rock fury in spades.

From the album “Mama, I’m Swollen”

12. Cursive – From the Hips – Slower than the previous song, this one builds slowly for nearly two minutes, before exploding into an upbeat and joyous conclusion, at least musically – certainly not lyrically.

From the album “Mama, I’m Swollen”

13. U2 – Magnificent – The clear winner from U2’s new album, Magnificent is every bit as great as the brilliant legacy of songs that U2 has left behind in the last 20 years. A worthy companion to “Where the Streets Have No Name” and “Beautiful Day”, which is the strongest praise you can give a U2 song.

From the album “No Line on the Horizon”

14. MC Lars – True Player For Real – With an accordion assist from Weird Al, Lars kicks off his new album, explaining in epic fashion about how his life has changed since the rise of his last album, The Graduate. TPFR!

From the album “This Gigantic Robot Kills”

15. MC Lars – Hey There Ophelia – Taking the premise of one of the most overplayed songs in the last five years, MC Lars blows it up with shredding guitars and lyrics about Hamlet. This song epitomizes the genius of Lars, no one else could write a rap-rock song about Hamlet, least not a song this great.

From the album “This Gigantic Robot Kills”

16. New Found Glory – Listen to Your Friends – I’ve never been a big NFG fan, and this song sounds like every other thing they’ve ever done, I just enjoy how quick and frantic it is – no wasted motion/time on this track.

From the album “Not Without a Fight”

17. Say Hi – Hallie and Henry – Oohs and Aahs is full of simple yet great uplifting indie pop that will not get nearly the attention it deserves. I recommend giving them a chance, if you’re looking for some new songs that definitively fit the bill of “indie rock”.

From the album “Oohs and Aahs”

18. Say Hi – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh – Over a plethora of horns, Say Hi brings us one of the years great “indie” songs. Downbeat and almost melancholy, it’s just a great song that won’t get noticed nearly enough.

From the album “Oohs and Aahs”

19. The Boy Least Likely To – A Balloon on a Broken String – Essentially music for children, The Boy Least Likely recently put out their second album of nauseatingly happy songs about children’s toys. Give it at least one listen, you’ll either puke or love it.

From the album “Law of the Playground”

20. The Rakes – The Loneliness of the Outdoor Smoker – Short and sweet, The Rakes throw down a quick burst of post-punky goodness. I can’t understand the lyrics, but I love the title.

From the album “Klang!”

21. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – No Spell – I’m not a big RJA supporter, it all sounds repetitive, but I really enjoyed this humming and happy track that’s worth at least one listen.

From the album “Lonely Road”

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Music Released March 31st, 2009

Hey, its Tuesday! New music, bitches.

The Answer Everyday Demons
- I haven't had a chance to listen to this album (I think it's been out in the UK for a bit), but they toured with AC-DC so I can imagine what they sound like. Hopefully it's as good as Airbourne, and not as bad as Jet (whom I dislike as much as Nickelback - maybe more).

Sarazin Blake The Air Your Lungs Forced Out - I have so little clue about what this is, that I'm not even entirely sure that the band name isn't "Sarazin Blake The Air Your Lungs Forced", and album isn't "Out". I think I got it right.

Bow Wow New Jack City II - I think THIS is all I need to say.

Burn Halo Burn Halo - A metal band, or an instructional CD about how to pirate X-Box games? You decide.

Leonard Cohen Live In London - I get why Cohen's awesome, I just don't listen to much of his stuff. It's not my favourite style, but I bet this will sell really well, and make a LOT of people happy - I could probably name a few people by name.

Billy Ray Cyrus Back To Tennessee - I am entirely shocked it took Billie Ray this long to milk the success of Miley into his own personal fame. I guess he got tired of playing second fiddle in Metro Station videos.

Gavin DeGraw Free - No clue who this is, but I bet my girlfriend and all her friends enjoy his songs when they come on their TV shows.

Steve Forbert The Place And The Time - Its at this point of the entry that I regret pasting every album down, and not being more selective. Steve Forbert is probably a nice guy, but I could not care less about who he is at this point in time.

Gomez A New Tide - Dear Gomez, see my Steve Forbert entry.

Diana Krall Quiet Nights - I just found out that Ms Krall is married to Elvis Costello, which is interesting. Im picturing her with a beard and it makes me happy on the inside. Im sure a bunch of people will buy this album, and will enjoy it a lot when doing dishes and cooking dinner at 430 in the afternoon.

Chrisette Michele Epiphany - Ack. Sounds French.

Ministry Adios... [Live] - Im cool with industrial and thus, do not mind Ministry. This is their retirement live CD and DVD, I bet they put on a cool show.

Marie Osmond Seasons - Thank you dancing with the stars... She was on that show right?

Pansy Division That's So Gay - I hate album titles and song titles like UR So Gay (Katy Perry), it just seems cheesy and almost offensive. Ive loathed people who use gay as a synonym for stupid since Grade 10, so good work Pansy Division, I already hate your music without listening to it. Sidenote: Joy Division is good. New Order is great.

Peter Bjorn & John Living Thing - If not for the YYY's album, this would be my pick of the week. They do more then whistle, trust me.

Prince LOtUSFLOW3R/MPLSoUND [Target exclusive] - Target gets all the best albums! Is Prince even relevant anymore - I admit to never being a fan, but he seems like a novelty act this point. Tell me when he plays Casino Niagara.

Flo Rida R.O.O.T.S. (Routes Of Overcoming the Struggle) - As much as I love his current single, it's almost offensive that he named his album ROOTS, when few artists have done so little to further the image of black men then Flo Rida. Like sure, catchy songs, but every negative stereotype that exists in the minds of mainstream civilization about male rap stars is on display in full force in Flo Rida. Hopefully he has more then just songs about oral sex on this disc.

Queensryche American Soldier - No opinions other then the fact that most metal bands have awful names.

thenewno2 You Are Here - No, I'm not. Get a new name.

UGK UGK 4 Life - I believe the one UGK gentleman (Pimp C I want to say) died last year, which probably sucks for Strip Club DJs in Atlanta.

Keith Urban Defying Gravity - I cannot keep country singers straight, is Urban the one that's ridiculously pro-America, or the one that is married to a Tom Cruise castoff? Or neither?

WAND [James Jackson Toth project] Born Bad [Vinyl-only release] - Am I supposed to know who James Jackson Toth is? MetaCritic sure thinks so. Also, screw you digital files.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz! - Pick of the week, if you don't know, it's awesome, one of the best CDs this year.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I lack originality...

Below is the link to the first trailer for Spike Jonze's "Where the Wild Things Are", based on the children's book (which I loved as a child, obviously).

What's really impressive is how powerful the song is - The Arcade Fire's "Wake Up". It's the song that really pushed them into the spotlight, and rightfully so, since it's amazing powerful and brilliant.

I'm hung over and don't have much to say, I'm just sharing it - since it's awesome.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Want some new hip-hop?

And by new, I mean new-ish. Basically some stuff from some artists that are getting some acclaim, yet haven't gotten on the radio or broken through to the mainstream.

THIS BLOG has some nice links to a bunch of really great hip-hop tracks.

Cappuccino by the Knux is one of the best song's I've heard in awhile. It's great party-rap, with a superb beat and lyrics about typical gangsta stuff, mixed in with a love for Starbucks. One badass song.
"I need a fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist..."

Day n Night by Kid Cudi is more subdued (its stoner rap for lack of a better term) that's more hypnotic and slow then Cappuccino, but just as catchy and fun.

There's also great tracks from the Cool Kids and Wale (who wrote a mix tape about Seinfeld - how great is that?) and a few others.

Keeping it quick, hope you enjoy the tunes.

Big ups to AudioMuffin!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I Am Looking Forward To

Heroes was really excellent tonight, and as a result, I am all excited and cannot sleep. Thus, we have a list of albums coming out in the next few months that I am really excited for - enjoy!

Silverstein - A Shipwreck in the Sand - At one point Silverstein were one of my favourite bands, but then their last album (Arrivals and Departures) seemed like a reaction to becoming popular off their softest song ("Discovering the Waterfront"). Since they got popular off a mellow tune (that wasn't reflective of their sound), I felt A&D was overly hard and lacked a lot of the melody their previous stuff had. The best thing about Silverstein (like Thrice) is the ability to merge quiet and soft moments with brutal moments of hard music.

This new disc is a concept album, meaning it will either be really goofy or really good. I'm optimistic, as other then A&D (which truthfully never got the second chance it deserved by me) I've always really liked everything they've ever record. (Out March 31st)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Its Blitz - Considering Blogger took down my post about "Heads Will Roll", I'm not sure if anyone saw how much I gushed how great that song is. I'm optimistic the album will live up to how great that song and the first single ("Zero) are. (Out March 31st)

Doves - Kingdom of Rust - I fell in love with Doves a few years back, and their second album (The Last Broadcast) is one of my favourite albums. I'm a sucker for long songs that build from seemingly nothing into epic and uplifting songs. It's been a while since they've had a new album out, but the first single ("Jetstream") was excellent and seemed like it could have been taken off of The Last Broadcast, so this should be great. (Out April 7th)

Metric - Fantasies - Another band that's been quiet for a few years, but both of their previous albums have been interesting and fun listens. Old World Underground is another great album, but the last disc was kind of boring and lost a lot of the fun. The first single, "Help I'm Alive" seems to capture some of their fun energy again, so again, I'm optimistic. (Out April 14th)

The Enemy - Music for the People - I love epic songs. The Enemy's first album (We'll Live and Die in These Towns) made even the most mundane aspect of life seem epic. I'm excited to hear any sort of follow-up. Hopefully they can make a dent in North America, but they sound super British, which can be a real hindrance at times. (Out April 27th)

CKY - Carver City - I love CKY. I love the movies, I love the music. It can be over the top, but both CKY Volume 1 and Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild are two really great and really complete albums. From start to finish I can listen and love those discs, the third disc (An Answer Can Be Found) was boring to me, and lacked something. No clue if I just grew out of their sound, of it they took a studio dump on album number three. We'll find out soon. (Out May 15th)

Taking Back Sunday - New Again - One of my favourite bands, Taking Back Sunday have put out three phenomenal albums, despite going through guitar/singers on those three albums. Now with backup vocalist number three (and Straylight Run and The Colour Fred spawned out of TBS), I'm hoping that album number four can be just as good. A lot of these releases have me "hoping" they can be as good as the music from the band that I've loved so much previously, and this is no exception to that rule. (Out June 2nd)

Billy Talent - Billy Talent 3 - BT 1 is one of my favourite albums ever - it's just a great rock and roll album from start to finish. BT2 was easily the most disapointing album of 2006 - it was awful then, and I still hate most of the songs on it. They're batting .500, hopefully they can come in and change that to .666 with BT3. (Out June 9th)

Jesus, there's a lot of hope in there.

Note: All of these release dates could change, only the first couple discs are slotted in for sure. Anything after Metric is based on information from Wikipedia, and who knows with that place, right?


- I'm too lazy to list MySpaces for all of these bands but just take
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8Tracks Mix Tape
This is a sampling of some of the bands listed above. It's all streaming, and not as good as Fav Tape, which is currently down.

Listen to Doves - Jetstream

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Music Released March 17th, 2009

I can't sleep, so let's look at what's coming out today in the form of compact discs.

From Metacritic:

BOA by BOA - No clue what this is, but apparently she's a Japanese pop singer. Somehow I don't think I'll be buying this.

Bonnie "Prince" Billie - Beware - This dude puts out too much music for me to ever get into him, but I do know that he was on the EXCELLENT "Horseapples" episode of Wonder Showzen that was amazing. So props to him.

Les Claypool - Of Fungi and Foe - The Primus dude! Props on the South Park theme song. This kind of stuff isn't my favourite, but cool if you're into it.

Ace Enders - When I Hit the Ground - See two posts below.

Marianne Faithful - Easy Come, Easy Go - I know she's famous/legenday?, but I think her name makes her sound like the worst pornstar ever.

MSTRKFT - Fist of God - Fun album - I really like some of the songs, and it's almost original for house/techno music, but every time I hear MSTRKRFT, all I can think about is how much better Death From Above 1979 was.

The Script - The Script - I know this was big in Europe last year. I never got around to hearing it, but I believe it's of the Coldplay/Snow Patrol variety. They're really scaping the bottom of the barrel for "The" band names in England.

Static X - Cult of Static - Awesome! I still enjoy listening to Machine, and apparently they're still allright, based on reviews I've read - I'll check this out, if only out of respect for Wayne Static's hair.

Theres also albums from The Chairs (again, bottom of the barrel), Cobalt, Gabriella Cimi, Glynn David, Gorilla Zoe, An Horse (an awful name), Kinetic Stereokids (an awesome name), Kylesa (I think I've heard of them?), Kelly Joe Phelps, The Strange Boys (with a name like that, their music better be pretty frigging weird - live up to the name!), Superdrag, and Wavves (does the double v become a single w at any point?).

All and all, it's a pretty weak offering for the middle of March. I hardly expect any of them to put huge dents into the Billboard chart standings, so U2 doesn't have to worry about losing number 1 (unless Taylor Swift fans can rise up against Bono!).

That being said, Fist of God is really fun, and When I Hit the Ground is awesome, so there's some solid music. I'm also pretty sure theres segments of people who are going nuts for new albums from Les Claypool, Static X, and Bonnie Prince Billie.


Ace Enders (And a Million Different People)

Ace Enders is the former lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for The Early November, a band that I always liked a lot.

Back in 2002/2003 I was just getting into music that wasn't on mainstream radio and was really getting into the emo/screamo genre, with bands like Finch, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New being my favourite. The Early November always stood out for me, as they seemed destined for something bigger then the insular genre of emo. To me, they always stood out, and had the potential to grow into something great. Unlike bands like Finch or The Movielife (who seemed very in that 2003 moment to me), their sound was more timeless/adult. They put out a couple of great albums ("For All of This EP", "The Room's Too Cold") that I really enjoyed. Both were really good, but neither was the masterpiece I thought they were capable of.

Then in 2006 they released their masterpiece. "The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Way" is a triple disc epic, that tells the elaborate and lengthy story of a boy's growth into a man, and his complex/poor relationships with both his parents. Each disc had a unique feel, with the Mother being mostly softer/acoustic songs, the Mechanic being more straight up rock songs, and the Way is part song/part spoken word acts (in the form of therapist sessions) that tell the album's story. All three are great albums alone, but when listened to in succession, it's a truly brilliant and unique musical undertaking. It's easily the most challenging and unique album I've heard in the last few years, but all while being relentlessly catchy, and full of great songs. It's utterly brilliant, and I cannot do it justice with my words.

While still in TEN, he released a self-titled album under the moniker I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business, which is a wonderful collection of alt-country/acoustic/soft songs that's equally as good, albeit less rocking. The Early November broke up in 2007, and since then Ace has been diligently working on solo stuff, releasing "The Secret Wars" last summer for free, as a teaser for his debut full length as a solo artist.

That debut, "When I Hit the Ground" is released today, Tuesday March 17th. It's been streaming on his MySpace for a couple days now, and it's absolutely brilliant. Continuing where TEN left off, "When I Hit the Ground" is a superb album (maybe the best of 2009 so far), full of great rock songs. Each song features a lush sound, combining guitars with strings, piano, and lots more. It has 14 songs, and there isn't a bad song on the album - every song counts, and every song is wonderful. From rockers like "Take the Money and Run" to softer songs "S.O.S." and "New Guitar" to uplifting pop rock tracks like "Reaction" and "Over This", each song is a joy to listen to.

I'm extremely glad Ace is still making music, as he's threatened/hinted at retiring from the music business (due to financial pressures), as I've loved every single piece of music he's ever produced. I was saddened at the lose of the Early November, but his new album picks up the pieces and improves on the sound, maturing it further into timeless rock and roll.

I hate comparing bands, but if you're looking for a point of reference for Ace Enders, the following bands remind me of Ace Enders and a Million Different People:
Snow Patrol
Jack's Mannequin (more guitars then piano)
The Color Fred (another lead singer turned solo artist)
Saves the Day
Brand New (way less moody)
Coldplay (not as piano heavy)
Jimmy Eat World

I highly suggest clicking on any of the links below, as each contains streams of a bunch of great Ace Enders penned tunes. At 26 he's amassed a superb collection of songs, and a couple of great albums, including one of my favourite albums all time. 2009's music just got a lot better with the release of "When I Hit the Ground".


Ace Enders FavTape
(Collection of 6 songs related to Ace Enders - put together by me)

The Secret Wars
(Free online exclusive album released last summer)

Ace Enders and a Million Different People MySpace
The Early November MySpace
I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business MySpace
Ace Enders Website