Monday, April 4, 2011

The Songs I Listened to Most in March 2011

Here are the songs I listened to the most in March 2011. I’m feeling lazy today, so I described each song in five words or less. I don’t think it’ll impact any analysis really.

DRUGS – Sex Life – Goofy name, catchy song.

Innerpartysystem – American Trash – Sleazy electro rock American pride!

Middle Class Rut – New Low – Slow/methodical rock – oddly catchy.

Middle Class Rut – USA – Pure bombast. Loud and awesome!

Say Hi – Take Ya Dancing – Upbeat/simple fun. About dancing.

Say Hi – All the Pretty Ones – Chorus works excellently – moody pop-rock!

Does It Offend You Yeah? - Tear Out My Insides – Insanely catchy electronic love song.
Cant find a stream – sorry!

Does it Offend You Yeah? – We Are the Dead – Starts quiet, gets loud quickly.

Teenage Bottlerocket – Bigger Than Kiss – Punk rock perfection. AMAZING video.

Teenage Bottlerocket – Not Ok – More punk rock perfection. Superb.

Forever the Sickest Kids – Robots and Aliens – Stupidly catch pop punk. Bubbly.

Forever the Sickest Kids – Same Dumb Excuse – Slower still as poppy/catchy.

Yoav (featuring Emily Browning) – Where is My Mind (from The Sucker Punch OST) – Hauntingly good cover. Better then the original.

USS – NA OK – Slow downed, yet still great.

Bjork (featuring Skunk Anansie)– Army of Me (SUCKER PUNCH REMIX) – More Sucker Punch! Great OST.