Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Kinda Been Awhile...

But, whatever!


- Kid Cudi's Up Up and Away is easily the most fun song I've heard in ages.
- It's also the most stoner-iffic anthem that I've heard in awhile, which slightly offends me.
- Kid Cudis album is great, even if all the lyrics involve getting high, which bores me. Thats how great he is. Its barely rap, really. Just great pop. Kind of.

- I love the new Matthew Good song, I cannot wait for Vancouver to drop, since "Last Parade" sounds like Avalanche era Good, which is maybe my favourite sound ever. EVER.

- Moneen's new album "The World That I Want to Leave Behind" is probably the album of the year at this point, it's just amazing.
- Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" - I just heard them perform it on Conan, and as of right now, it's probably the best song of the year.
- Does anyone read this? Answer: NO!
- The last song on the new .M. disc is certifiably epic, which is kind of surprising. They've always been magnificent in scope, but rarely do they hit the massive heights of the "Glass House" (the last song on the new disc) . It just blows up from a punky intro to a humongous ending with choral singing that just lures you in, like a creepy guy offering candy to a six year old.

- Yes that's the worst thing I've ever written in my blog.

- Eff the haters, I really dig The Blueprint 3, by Jay-Z. Run This Town is the best summer song thats come out so far, that clearly missed the summer, since its very cool out at this point.
- I watched JayZ, Rhiana, and KANYE WEST (YO YOUR BLOGS GOOD, BUT BEYONCES IS THE BEST OF A GENERATION!) do Run This Town on Lenos debut show the other day, and honestly, it must have scared the CRAP out of a bunch of racist American mid-westerners.

- Muse are the kings of over-endulgence, which makes them awesome.
- Their new album isnt as good as Black Holes and Revelations, but its still pretty great.
- They were the only artist(s) on the MTV VMAs to actually perform rock and roll. Green Day just do watered down pop-punk. GD was still fun though.

- The new Mute Math, Armistice, is way better then it should be. Their last disc was only good because it had one amazing single, TYPICAL. Beyond that, it was boring as hell. Their new disc lacks a song as good as TYPICAL, but its leap years better as an album.

- I have no clue what the hell is going on with YACHT, but Im in Love With a Ripper, is one of this years catchiest songs. Its either sampling or straight up ripping off another OK song, but it makes it great, either way. Just straight up FUN.

- In the actual episodes, I was pretty unimpressed with the majority of the Flight of the Conchords songs, but on the album, almost all of them pop, and make for great listening. REMEMBER:
You think you know fashion- Well, fashion's a stranger. You think fashion's your friend - My friend, fashion is DANGER.

- Calvin Harrissssss album Ready For the Weekend is mildly fun, but really, its only notable due to all the BRITISH (AKA NME) HYPE! Still, its fun, and I wish it was more popular then any of those Disney Channel produced bands.

- After one great shitty pop-punk album, Brand New have turned out three amazing yet depressing 90s influenced albums. Its still great, but honestly, Im hoping for something new, other then their now-standard spiel of luring me into depression via music. Theyre still one of my favourite bands, but really, they beat the crap out of me when I listen to them.
- Knowing Brand New have put out four albums makes me feel old at this point.

- If you want to hear any of the albums or songs Im rambling about, just put any of the bands into google, and their MYSPACE will come up, and you can hear the songs. Of the 0.0111% reading this blog, approximately 0.000000% will actually do this!

On May 13th, I played "Drunken Musical Blog Twitters".

This is round two, I guess.