Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Listened to Most in January 2011

Hey, this is a toned down version of what I used to do; a monthly list of songs people may or may not like or even be aware of. Each month Ill post my favourite songs that I listened to that month (if I remember). The year, genre, release date, amount of songs, amount of artists, quality, style, etc. do not matter. It’s simply the list of songs that I listened to the most that month, and links to how you can hear the songs (mostly YouTube links). If you want any more information on any of the songs, let me know!

In no order, here are the songs I listened to the most in January 2011:

Get Busy Committee – I Don’t Care About You – I blame Blake. Listen at your own risk, as it’ll infect your brain for a while. Ridiculously catchy hip-hop.

Kanye West and Jay Z – H.A.M. – Vulgar as anything I’ve heard in awhile, but the beats unique/catchy, and anything Kanye does is worth multiple listens in my book.

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood – Mix MGMT with M83 and you’ve got this song. Which is awesome. Fantasy-pop?

Crystal Castles – Not In Love (FEAT. Robert Smith) – Another relentlessly catchy song that’s blowing up all over rock stations, for a good reason. Great song.

Chiddy Bang – Opposite of Adults – Note to rappers, if you rap over an indie/rock song I love (See: Lupe Fiasco “Show Goes On”) it’s guaranteed to be a hit with me. Is there no end to the greatness that is MGMT’s Kids?

White Lies – Bigger Than Us – Grandiose and gothic epic rock. Think Interpol, but British and more consistent/great in the last 4 years.

White Lies – Is Love – Bit of a slow builder, but just as great as the first single (the previously mentioned “Bigger Than Us”) – so far

Finch – World of Violence – A good song by a “good at best” band, who released a great album nearly ten years ago. RIP FINCH.

Glassjaw – All Good Junkies Go To Heaven – Off their upcoming album, its oddly catchy, in a weird/grating kind of way. Works for me, probably wont for most people.

The Hold Steady – The Weekenders – How did I sleep on “Heaven is Whenever” last year? It’s a great album and this is my favourite song off the album.

The Hold Steady – Hurricane J – Another great single off the album, THS are kind of like a wordier, perpetually drunk cousin of Bruce Springsteen.

Death Death Die – The Woodsman – It’s a shame I cannot find a link to this song. It’s the perfect synth-metal theme song for an 80’s cheesy horror film.

Death Death Die – Put Ur Balls On It – You might not get it and/or like it if you don’t listen to the “Jason Ellis Show,” but I think it’s hilarious AND catchy as hell.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In the Hall of the Mountain King – If you haven’t seen “The Social Network,” go out and do it, since the film’s great, and the score is even better. If you have seen it, then this is the song that’s over the boat race scene in London, which you’re well aware is a great scene with perfect music.

The Damned Things – We’ve Got a Situation Here – What do you get when you mix members of Fallout Boy, Everytime I Die, and Anthrax? A great song, with a superb video- make sure to watch it!

Cage the Elephant – Shake Me Down – Kind of tame and quiet for CTF, but its sombre tone is a change of pace, and I’ve liked this single for as long as I’ve heard it on the radio.

Cage the Elephant – Aberdeen – More bombastic and loud then the previous track, but still as effective and wonderful.