Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Time to Play Everyone's Favorite New Game!!!!

Drunken Musical Blog Twitters

Tomorrow is my only day off this week, and I work for all of the long weekend. I want to have some drinks tonight. I'm listening to some music. I don't have a Twitter, nor do I want one, but I do like the 140 characters rule, so I'm doing it here. I may never post this, but whatever musical thought enters my mind will go down here over the next few hours. If it sucks, it won't see the light of day. Haha!

10:34 - Flo Rida really likes Strippers. A LOT. I think there's at least 7 songs on his album about strippers, which seems obscene.
10:35 - That being said, "Right Round" is just a fun song. About strippers.
10:38 - You know things are weird in the world when James Iha would rather be in a band with Taylor Hanson then Billy Corgan. (Tinted Windows)
10:39 - Hell, at this point I'd rather be friends with any of those Hanson ladies then Billy Corgan.
10:40 - /// Old but good.
10: 42 - I've always liked Bob Seger's Hollywood Nights, but had no clue I did until last weekend.
10:43 - I can't start thinking songs sound better on vinyl, I can't afford that transition.
10:44 - // I just love the premise of the dude's question - "I need a really awesome entrance song."
10:49 - // People will argue, but I love Roddy Walker’s voice.
10:51 – Eve 6’s Horrorscope is still one of my all time favourite albums. Pop punk can be so great, yet so very bad as well.
10:52 – Actually, not bad, just horribly generic/repetitive/annoying.
10:53 – Besides unnecessary cameo’s on rap songs, where the hell is Nelly Furtado? Hiding out where Eminem was until this year?
10:54 – If you can, find the Punisher-Eminem team-up comic. It’s ludicrous. (Not the rapper, the adjective)
10: 56 – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl is a perfect song. If I connect to it, does that make me less of a man?
10:59 – Apparently Rubben Studdard has a new album out next week. Eminem better watch out on the sales charts!
11: 00 – The real battle is between Friday’s Green Day release and Wednesday’s Eminem’s release. Who wins? I say Eminem. Or Rubben Studdard.
11:01 – Rubben Studdard’s name might be spelled wrong. I don’t care, but sorry if that offends you. I’m shocked I even know who that is, let alone the spelling of his name!
11: 03 – On May 11th, both Marilyn Manson and Mandy Moore drop new albums. What are the odds that two double-M’d and completely obsolete artists would release albums on the same day?
11:05 – Three years later and Muse was still the most spectacular show I’ve ever been to. I’d love to see them again, but I’ll have to wait for their new album. Hopefully the album’ll be out this year.
11:06 – I love Muse.
11:07 - Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum // While I’m excited, that’s the worst album name in forever.
11:10 – As cool as “Silent Alarm Remixed” was, “Intimacy Remixed” is completely useless. I’m all for remixes, I just don’t like bands selling them as albums, even my favourite bands.
11:14 – I hate the Fast and the Furious movies, but wanted to see the new one, simply because they used a Does it Offend You, Yeah? song in the trailer. It’s even one of their shittier songs!
11:17 - // OH who gives a shit? How is this news?
11:19 – She’s a complete tramp who write’s dumb songs, but I absolutely love Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. Shoot me in the wiener now please.
11:20 – I always thought wiener was spelled e before I, but Word tells me otherwise. Nothing to do with music, but it’s important for me to educate the children with this blog, and now they know.
11:23 – Passion Pit – Sleepyhead is such an awesome song. God bless capitalism, since I first heard them in a PSP commercial.
11:24 – I just got sad knowing TV commercials are better at breaking new music then terrestrial radio.
11:25 – I got happy again, knowing I listen to satellite radio, not terrestrial.
11:28 – I’m always shocked Motion City Soundtrack hasn’t blown up yet. I blame the moog.
11:29 – PS: Moog =
11:32 – The chorus of The Hold Steady’s “Stay Positive” is epic. And true. You do gotta stay positive!!! – cool video too!
11:37 – Maximo Park’s “The Kids Are Sick Again” is the best song that numerous people will love on whatever TV show designed for tweens plays it first, without knowing who the band is, so far this year.
11:45 – Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs is still one of my favourite songs. Great band, but that song’s going to be timeless.
11:47 – Where’s Dashboard Confessional been lately? Been two years since the last album and he’s really fallen off the face of the Earth.
11:48 – With that being said, Again I Go Unnoticed is one of my favourite songs. It’s an absolute sprint from start to finish. So simple, yet so amazing.
11:49 – The Enqueue commend in Winamp no longer works the same way. I am a sad panda.
11:50 – Thankfully American Names by Sebastien Grainger came on to make up for Winamp’s poor programming changes. He really beat Jesse in the “Who will do more interesting stuff post DFA-1979” contest.
11:52 – Apparently Enqueue now makes a second copy in the playlist, but doesn’t necessarily play the song next, especially if shuffle’s on. Stupid.
11:54 – I’m listening to Poker Face again, I need to be sterilized and/or killed. After the song though. I want to die happy/dancing.
11:55 – “I’ll get him hard, show him what I got!” – Awesome! You go girl!
11:56 – Out of all my favourite songs, Desktop Breaking, by Gob, is probably one of the least heard songs, which is a shame. It’s a gem.
11:58 – If the Mae Shi ever got Christian Bale to come to one of their shows to do the rant clips live from “R U Professional”, I’d fly anywhere in the world to see it.
11:59 – Goldfinger has gone for a shit in recent years, but last year’s disc, especially the track “War”, are really good. Don’t call it a comeback?
12:00 – I’ve been doing this for an hour and a half? Really?
12:08 – This is How it Goes, off of Billy Talent 1, is one of the most bad-ass first songs ever. They really kicked the world in the balls with that disc, and that song.
12:10 – Just for sheer originality, MC Lars is one of my favourite artists. No one else could write the songs he could/does/should/would
12:12 – Sometimes I think about whether or not my English degree is worth it, and since I get the Hamlet references in “Hey There Ophelia”, I think it is.
12:18 – Randomly, Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead came on again. Tis’ a good night.
12:21 – Alkaline Trio came on, awesome. No other comment, just awesome.
12:24 – Trent Rezner can rip on Weezer all he wants, I still love them, aside from Maladroit. I still love Nine Inch Nails too. I’m a lover, not a hater.
12:25 – “Hand me down to photographs, spread across the floor, ” - with that lyric, my musical world was expanded in grade 11.
12:28 - Maybe it was grade 12. Still, figure out what that song is, it’s great. That album’s one of my favourite too, even if the band went for a shit after that.
12:29 – I think “Float On” is my favourite song. I know that means nothing, but it’s officially timeless to my generation.
12:32 – Stockholm Syndrome is one of the most overused song titles of the last ten years. FACT!
12:34- That being said, Muse’ version of the song is epic, Bellamy’s falsetto is amazing on the song, it’s great live too.
12:37 – Ender is a great word, when used correctly. It’s also a pretty good slow song, that is over thirteen minutes long. Bang up job Finch!
12: 41 – The Weakerthans – Tournament of Hearts is the best song in the history of man about curling. It might also be the only song about curling...
12:45 – Muse’ – Time is Running Out, is such a smooth song at the start. Then it just explodes like an overheated pizza-pocket in your face. Awful analogy.
12:48 – Man Overboard, a track that was exclusive to their live album, is easily one of the best Blink 182 songs.
12:49 – The creepy thing is, when you listen to Man Overboard, it eerily matches the story of their breakup. DUN DUN DUN.
12:54 – Sorry, I was listening to The Loved One’s “The Inquirer”. The yeah’s part of the song. I swear.
1:01 – Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare is an excellent song name. Google it.
1:02 – I am excited that Hollywood Nights came on again. I think this exercise in writing and alcoholism is almost done.
1:05 – The Limousines – Very Busy People is the “Songs I’m Obsessed With” right now that I never wrote. I wanted to, but failed to.
1:06 – Gallows are super angry at the world, and are an awesome band for it. WOO!
1:08 – Poker Face is on for the third time (randomly, I SWEAR!). This thing’s done. I’m impressed with it. Aren’t you?
The night’s summary:
I like Muse a lot.
I’m probably not as funny as I think I am.
P-P- P-P- P-P- P-P- P-P-OKER FACE! Baby, when it’s love, if it’s not rough, it isn’t fun!


PS: My blog must be awful, since I think this is worth posting!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Lover

I won't post any Youtube links (they'll get deleted by the time you read this), but last night's Digital Short, Mother Lover, is destined to be the next big viral video.

It's a sequel to Dick in a Box with Justin Timberlake, and in terms of the song, it's actually funnier then DIAB. The beat's perfect, and the lyrics are three and a half minutes of hilarity.

Find the videos now (Google "Youtube Motherlover SNL") and get in on it early.

I watched it five times last night before bed (thank you PVR).

In addition the "Plastic-Ville" sketch was great too, and featured a bunch of great song parody's. The Lady Gaga one's in particular were hilarious. Again, you can find the video, but I'm not posting links since they'll be obsolete in minutes.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Creeping Out Sara

While I've never been a huge fan before, I've really been liking the new NOFX album, Coaster. I've liked a few songs before (Franco Un-American, The Decline), but this entire album is really enjoyable for me right now.

One of the highlights is one of the funniest songs I've heard in awhile, Creeping Out Sara.

It involves the band Tegan & Sara and NOFX's interaction with them backstage at a festival in Germany. From start to finish it's both catchy and hilarious. From the classic pop-rock guitar stuff (you'll notice it once you hear it), to the quintessential girl meets boy concept, and finally, to the lyrics, it's a great song.

It may be a bit over some people's heads, if you don't know the following things.
- NOFX likes drugs.
- Tegan & Sara are a band. (Good one, too!)
- T&S are Canadian
- T&S are twin sisters.
- T&S are both lesbians.

Once you know all that, the song is just hilarious from start to finish. It's hard to make a legitimately funny song, and NOFX nailed it on this track.


NOFX - Creeping Out Sara (Youtube):

NOFX MySpace
Tegan & Sara MySpace

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best Songs of April 2009

---Top 20 Songs for April 2009---
(No Order)

1. The Limousines – Very Busy People – Perhaps the most instantly wonderful song since MGMT’s “Kids”, I instantly loved this song, after hearing it for 30 seconds. Similar to the Postal Service, this is perfect electronic pop music that is completely brilliant.
From The Limousines forthcoming debut CD (2009?)

2. K-OS – 4 3 2 1 – Similar in name to the Feist hit from last year, the only similarity between the two songs is how great they both are. By mixing rapping and singing, KOS returns with a brilliant first single off his excellent new album.
From the album “Yes!”

3. The Decemberists – The Rakes Song – Off their huge concept album (The Hazards of Love), this song is both utterly horrible (lyrically – it’s about killing your kids) and wonderful. A great example of telling a story musically, yet still keeping things catchy enough to be great music.
From the album “The Hazards of Love”

4. Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends – Reminiscent of Brand New, this song excels at the use of going from really quiet to really loud really quickly. Angry and dark, yet completely captivating and worthy of a sing-a-long.
From the album Mean Everything To Nothing

5. Silverstein – Vices (Feat. Liam Cormier) – Off this year’s best album so far, it’s one of the darkest and angriest songs I’ve heard in awhile, while still featuring one of the most over the top yet brilliant lyrics in awhile - I’m not going home tonight, I’d rather sleep with the devil.
From the album A Shipwreck in the Sand

6. Silverstein – The Tide Raises Every Ship – Shane Told's voice BOOMS in this one, explaining a lot of the lyrical story from the album. I struggled to pick just two songs from Silverstein this month, as their new album is absolutely brilliant and by far their best work, I highly recommend it.
From the album A Shipwreck in the Sand

7. Bob Mould – Life and Times – A straightforward great rock song about reflection and nostalgia, the use of string instruments is minimal but works well, to accent how much the song rocks.
From the album Life and Times

8. Art Brut – DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes – Fun rock about the lighter things in life, and not wanting to take growing up so seriously. The chorus is catchy as hell, and it’s a self-referential song about comic books, of course I was going to include it this month.
From the album Art Brut Vs Satan

9. MeWithoutYou – The Fox, the Crow, And the Cookie – Abandoning any of their hardcore elements, these folk-punk weirdo's new album is a simple but great folk-pop disc with lots of unique songs about animals, including this catchy song that is essentially just a children’s story.
From the album It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright

10. Depeche Mode – Wrong – While the rest of this album is pretty boring, Wrong`s a dark and slightly morbid electronic gem.
From the album Sounds of the Universe

11. Dan Deacon – Build Voice – Bromst is packed with electronic songs that start out slow but build to amazing conclusions. Build Voice may be the best example of this, like Silverstein, I really recommend Dan Deacons album this month, as its worth listening to from start to finish.
From the album Bromst

12. Dan Deacon – Padding Ghost – More spastic then Build Voice, the sounds are more upbeat, making for a great electronic dance song.
From the album Bromst

13. Doves – The Outsiders – A great rock song that builds to a great finish, almost like if Coldplay had a bit more balls.
From the album Kingdom of Rust

14. Mastodon – Crack the Skye – Despite thinking that every prog-metal sounds exactly the same, I really like this new single from Mastodon, its oddly catchy for being such an epic metal song.
From the album Crack the Skye

15. Peter Bjorn and John – Living Thing – An oddly catchy song that features a lot of silent spaces to accent the core elements of the song, and how they all come together at the finish of the song.
From the album Living Thing

16. Trey Parker – Gay Fish – Even if you don’t watch South Park, I’m sure that you`ll appreciate this perfect parody of Kanye West’s Heartless. It’s a brilliant poke at Kanye, yet it’s still catchy, and once you start listening to all of the ridiculous lyrics, it just takes things to another level.
From the South Park episode Fishsticks

17. Silversun Pickups – There`s No Secrets This Year – With some wicked guitars, the Pickups kick off their pretty good new album in great fashion, with this wonderful song that will linger in your head for hours.
From the album Swoon

18. Wild Light – Heart Attack – While the rest of the album was a disappointment from California on My Mind, I really like this upbeat song with a fun chorus.
From the album Adult Nights

19. Static-X – Lunatic – I love the guitar intro to this song a lot, and it never slows down from that point forward, in this speedy and aggressive track.
From the album Cult of Static

20. The Sleeping – Bomb the World – Bit of a ludicrous title sure, but by the time the title is repeated quietly at 2:25 of this song, you`ll be a fan.
From the album What It Takes

What a Fun Video

Apparently this is from a new BBC Dramedy about the lives of the members of a choir, and it incorporates some modern songs into it. I'm going to look into finding the episodes somewhere to see if it's any good, but for now, I think this is awesome.

Back later with a new Song I'm Obsessed With, and some more stuff hopefully.