Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Music Released March 31st, 2009

Hey, its Tuesday! New music, bitches.

The Answer Everyday Demons
- I haven't had a chance to listen to this album (I think it's been out in the UK for a bit), but they toured with AC-DC so I can imagine what they sound like. Hopefully it's as good as Airbourne, and not as bad as Jet (whom I dislike as much as Nickelback - maybe more).

Sarazin Blake The Air Your Lungs Forced Out - I have so little clue about what this is, that I'm not even entirely sure that the band name isn't "Sarazin Blake The Air Your Lungs Forced", and album isn't "Out". I think I got it right.

Bow Wow New Jack City II - I think THIS is all I need to say.

Burn Halo Burn Halo - A metal band, or an instructional CD about how to pirate X-Box games? You decide.

Leonard Cohen Live In London - I get why Cohen's awesome, I just don't listen to much of his stuff. It's not my favourite style, but I bet this will sell really well, and make a LOT of people happy - I could probably name a few people by name.

Billy Ray Cyrus Back To Tennessee - I am entirely shocked it took Billie Ray this long to milk the success of Miley into his own personal fame. I guess he got tired of playing second fiddle in Metro Station videos.

Gavin DeGraw Free - No clue who this is, but I bet my girlfriend and all her friends enjoy his songs when they come on their TV shows.

Steve Forbert The Place And The Time - Its at this point of the entry that I regret pasting every album down, and not being more selective. Steve Forbert is probably a nice guy, but I could not care less about who he is at this point in time.

Gomez A New Tide - Dear Gomez, see my Steve Forbert entry.

Diana Krall Quiet Nights - I just found out that Ms Krall is married to Elvis Costello, which is interesting. Im picturing her with a beard and it makes me happy on the inside. Im sure a bunch of people will buy this album, and will enjoy it a lot when doing dishes and cooking dinner at 430 in the afternoon.

Chrisette Michele Epiphany - Ack. Sounds French.

Ministry Adios... [Live] - Im cool with industrial and thus, do not mind Ministry. This is their retirement live CD and DVD, I bet they put on a cool show.

Marie Osmond Seasons - Thank you dancing with the stars... She was on that show right?

Pansy Division That's So Gay - I hate album titles and song titles like UR So Gay (Katy Perry), it just seems cheesy and almost offensive. Ive loathed people who use gay as a synonym for stupid since Grade 10, so good work Pansy Division, I already hate your music without listening to it. Sidenote: Joy Division is good. New Order is great.

Peter Bjorn & John Living Thing - If not for the YYY's album, this would be my pick of the week. They do more then whistle, trust me.

Prince LOtUSFLOW3R/MPLSoUND [Target exclusive] - Target gets all the best albums! Is Prince even relevant anymore - I admit to never being a fan, but he seems like a novelty act this point. Tell me when he plays Casino Niagara.

Flo Rida R.O.O.T.S. (Routes Of Overcoming the Struggle) - As much as I love his current single, it's almost offensive that he named his album ROOTS, when few artists have done so little to further the image of black men then Flo Rida. Like sure, catchy songs, but every negative stereotype that exists in the minds of mainstream civilization about male rap stars is on display in full force in Flo Rida. Hopefully he has more then just songs about oral sex on this disc.

Queensryche American Soldier - No opinions other then the fact that most metal bands have awful names.

thenewno2 You Are Here - No, I'm not. Get a new name.

UGK UGK 4 Life - I believe the one UGK gentleman (Pimp C I want to say) died last year, which probably sucks for Strip Club DJs in Atlanta.

Keith Urban Defying Gravity - I cannot keep country singers straight, is Urban the one that's ridiculously pro-America, or the one that is married to a Tom Cruise castoff? Or neither?

WAND [James Jackson Toth project] Born Bad [Vinyl-only release] - Am I supposed to know who James Jackson Toth is? MetaCritic sure thinks so. Also, screw you digital files.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs It's Blitz! - Pick of the week, if you don't know, it's awesome, one of the best CDs this year.


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