Saturday, March 28, 2009

Want some new hip-hop?

And by new, I mean new-ish. Basically some stuff from some artists that are getting some acclaim, yet haven't gotten on the radio or broken through to the mainstream.

THIS BLOG has some nice links to a bunch of really great hip-hop tracks.

Cappuccino by the Knux is one of the best song's I've heard in awhile. It's great party-rap, with a superb beat and lyrics about typical gangsta stuff, mixed in with a love for Starbucks. One badass song.
"I need a fresh cappuccino with a mocha twist..."

Day n Night by Kid Cudi is more subdued (its stoner rap for lack of a better term) that's more hypnotic and slow then Cappuccino, but just as catchy and fun.

There's also great tracks from the Cool Kids and Wale (who wrote a mix tape about Seinfeld - how great is that?) and a few others.

Keeping it quick, hope you enjoy the tunes.

Big ups to AudioMuffin!


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