Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I Am Looking Forward To

Heroes was really excellent tonight, and as a result, I am all excited and cannot sleep. Thus, we have a list of albums coming out in the next few months that I am really excited for - enjoy!

Silverstein - A Shipwreck in the Sand - At one point Silverstein were one of my favourite bands, but then their last album (Arrivals and Departures) seemed like a reaction to becoming popular off their softest song ("Discovering the Waterfront"). Since they got popular off a mellow tune (that wasn't reflective of their sound), I felt A&D was overly hard and lacked a lot of the melody their previous stuff had. The best thing about Silverstein (like Thrice) is the ability to merge quiet and soft moments with brutal moments of hard music.

This new disc is a concept album, meaning it will either be really goofy or really good. I'm optimistic, as other then A&D (which truthfully never got the second chance it deserved by me) I've always really liked everything they've ever record. (Out March 31st)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Its Blitz - Considering Blogger took down my post about "Heads Will Roll", I'm not sure if anyone saw how much I gushed how great that song is. I'm optimistic the album will live up to how great that song and the first single ("Zero) are. (Out March 31st)

Doves - Kingdom of Rust - I fell in love with Doves a few years back, and their second album (The Last Broadcast) is one of my favourite albums. I'm a sucker for long songs that build from seemingly nothing into epic and uplifting songs. It's been a while since they've had a new album out, but the first single ("Jetstream") was excellent and seemed like it could have been taken off of The Last Broadcast, so this should be great. (Out April 7th)

Metric - Fantasies - Another band that's been quiet for a few years, but both of their previous albums have been interesting and fun listens. Old World Underground is another great album, but the last disc was kind of boring and lost a lot of the fun. The first single, "Help I'm Alive" seems to capture some of their fun energy again, so again, I'm optimistic. (Out April 14th)

The Enemy - Music for the People - I love epic songs. The Enemy's first album (We'll Live and Die in These Towns) made even the most mundane aspect of life seem epic. I'm excited to hear any sort of follow-up. Hopefully they can make a dent in North America, but they sound super British, which can be a real hindrance at times. (Out April 27th)

CKY - Carver City - I love CKY. I love the movies, I love the music. It can be over the top, but both CKY Volume 1 and Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild are two really great and really complete albums. From start to finish I can listen and love those discs, the third disc (An Answer Can Be Found) was boring to me, and lacked something. No clue if I just grew out of their sound, of it they took a studio dump on album number three. We'll find out soon. (Out May 15th)

Taking Back Sunday - New Again - One of my favourite bands, Taking Back Sunday have put out three phenomenal albums, despite going through guitar/singers on those three albums. Now with backup vocalist number three (and Straylight Run and The Colour Fred spawned out of TBS), I'm hoping that album number four can be just as good. A lot of these releases have me "hoping" they can be as good as the music from the band that I've loved so much previously, and this is no exception to that rule. (Out June 2nd)

Billy Talent - Billy Talent 3 - BT 1 is one of my favourite albums ever - it's just a great rock and roll album from start to finish. BT2 was easily the most disapointing album of 2006 - it was awful then, and I still hate most of the songs on it. They're batting .500, hopefully they can come in and change that to .666 with BT3. (Out June 9th)

Jesus, there's a lot of hope in there.

Note: All of these release dates could change, only the first couple discs are slotted in for sure. Anything after Metric is based on information from Wikipedia, and who knows with that place, right?


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8Tracks Mix Tape
This is a sampling of some of the bands listed above. It's all streaming, and not as good as Fav Tape, which is currently down.

Listen to Doves - Jetstream

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