Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too Late//Too Long

I was really excited to update this and tell the non-listening world about what music I love. Then whenever I did try to write something, I ended up writing half a manifesto-length post about stuff, and would give up half way through. My previous style of blog posting (yeah I've got a style... or two apparently) was/is to be very long with a lot of words. It's also usually well thought out and basically an essay. But whenever I went to write about music that way, it often just became half-assed and unnecessary. No one wants to read 2500 words about the use of synth in the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album (It's Blitz), so whenever I started doing that I'd give up half way through and just forget about this thing.

But, I really do want to write about music, and I want to do it semi-frequently, so I will now push to use this. I'm just going to try and do things loose and quick, just get something up, and mention some music and my thoughts about it. Hopefully that can lead me to putting up something more meaningful with more thought.

Worst comes to worst it'll just be a whole bunch of reasons why I hate Nickelback. Which, really, would be awesome.


PS: The synth is magnificent in It's Blitz - great album.

PPS: Suck it Nickelback.

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