Friday, January 2, 2009

Favourite Music of 2008

Once I figure out some new wonderful things to say, this will become my online forum to talk exclusively about all the music that I love. That will come shortly.

For now, here's my list of the best music of 2008:

Top 100 Songs of 2008
1.British Sea Power - No Lucifer
2.The Verve - Love is Noise
3.MGMT - Kids
4.Bloc Party - Ion Square
5.We Are Scientists - After Hours
6.Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
7.Weezer - Pork and Beans
8.The Stills - Being Here
9.Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
10.Matt Mays - Terminal Romance

11.The Gaslight Anthem - the 59 Sound
12.The Killers - Spaceman
13.Senses Fail - Family Tradition
14.Finch - Chinese Organ Thieves
15.Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
16.Love in October - Petrula the Destroyer
17.Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
18.Bon Iver - Skinny Love
19.Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
20.Bloc Party - Signs

21.Does it Offend You Yeah? - Epic Last Song
22.The Helio Sequence - Hallelujah
23.Mobile - The Killer
24.The Enemy - This Song is About You
25.Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
26.Coldplay - Viva La Vida
27.Thrice - A Song for Milly Michaelson
28.Danny Elfman - Little Things
29.Matt Mays - Digital Eyes
30.Goldfinger - War

31. The Matches - Wake the Sun
32.The Academy Is.. - His Girl Friday
33.Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance
34.Kanye West - Street Lights
35.Flobots - Rise
36.Ben Folds - You Dont Know Me
37.Matt Costa - Mr. Pitiful
38.MGMT - Time to Pretend
39.Nine Inch Nails - Discipline
40.Pink - So What

41.People in Planes - Mayday
42.The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
43.Flo Rida - Elevator
44.The Bronx - Knifeman
45.T.I. - Whatever You Like
46.Sigur Ros - Inni Mer Syngur...
47.Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
48.The Dears - Dram Job
49.Kevin Rudolf - Welcome to the World
50.Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave

51.Cold War Kids - Something is not Right With Me
52.British Sea Power - Waving Flags
53.Weezer - The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
54.Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
55.M83 - Kim & Jessie
56.Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
57.Sam Roberts - Them Kids
58.Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
59.Cute is What We Aim For - Practice Makes Perfect
60.Bayside - Boy

61.Panic at the Disco - Northern Downpour
62.Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar
63.The Gaslight Anthem - The Patient Ferris Wheel
64.Lightspeed Champion - I Could Have Done This Myself
65.City and Colour - The Girl
66.Sebastien Grainger - American Names
67.Glasvegas - S.A.D. Light
68.Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet!
69.TV on the Radio - DLZ
70.Mllencolin - Vicious Circle

71.TV on the Radio - Shout Me Out
72.She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
73.Sleepercar - A Broken Promise
74.Keane - The Lovers are Losing
75.Underoath - Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear
76.Bob Mould - Old Highs New Lows
77.Nada Surf - Beautiful Beat
78.Black Kids - Look at Me (When I Rock Wichoo)
79.People in Planes - Pretty Buildings
80.Say Hi - Shakes Her Shoulders

81.Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
82.Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights of America
83.Kosmonaut - The Deepest Sea
84.Playradioplay - I'm a Pirate, You're a Princess
85.Reggie and the Full Effect - N
86.Snow Patrol - Please Just Take These Photos From My Hands
87.Louis XIV - Air Traffic Control
88.Alkaline Trio - I Found A Way
89.Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
90.The Loved Ones - The Inquirer

91.Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!
92.T.I. - Swagga Like Us
93.Guillemots - Kriss Kross
94.Lil Wayne - Lollipop
95.Slipknot - Psychosocial
96.Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer
97.Foals - Big Big Love (Fig.2)
98.Small Towns Burn a Little Slower - Rooftops Won't Come To You
99.3OH!3 - Colorado Sunshine
100.The Lonely Island - Jizz in My Pants

Honorable Mentions (101-110)
101.Why? - Good Friday
102.CSS - Rat is Dead
103.The Futureheads - The Beginning of the Twist
104.Protest the Hero - Sequoia Throne
105.Jack's Mannequin - Spinning
106.The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go
107.Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat
108.Anthony Green - Dear Child
109.Norma Jean - Surrender Your Sons...
110.USS - Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole

Top 30 Albums:

1. TV on the Radio - Dear Science - It's easy to agree with everybody else, when they're all right.

2. Matt Mays - Terminal Romance - The most overlooked album of the year, and one of the best rock records in ages.

3. Gaslight Anthem - 59 Sound - Stirring, powerful, and joyful - the perfect combo for fun and singing along.

4. Senses Fail - Life is Not a Waiting Room - A dark and emotive journey into self destruction and possible redemption.

5. Lupe Fiasco - The Cool - Technically from 2007, but either way, it's an amazing disc.

6. Reggie and the Full Effect - Last Stop Crappy Town - Depressing and ugly, every song is important, combining for a great concept album.

7. People in Planes - Beyond the Horizon - The most surprising album of the year, which rocks very hard.

8. British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music? - A swirling mess of echo-y goodness, this is an album that will move you.

9. Hold Steady - Stay Positive - I never "got" this band, but after an album this great, how could I not?

10. Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreaks - The best "emo" album this year, with its themes of loss and isolation - completely brilliant and completely unexpected.

11. Bayside - Shudder - A powerful collection of uplifting pop-punk greatness.

12. Bloc Party - Intimacy - By far the worst of their three discs, but it's wildly experimental while still being great at times, and ok at others.

13. Does if Offend You Yeah - You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into - Part rave-like techno, part uplifting pop, this is another surprisingly good disc.

14. The Stills - Oceans Will Rise - After a boring second disc, they fired back with a far more fun and exciting collection of tracks.

15. Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell - With this awesome album, they proved they were more then just a blog-hyped band of the moment.

16. Kings of Leon - Only By the Night - Another band I never really "got", but by cranking up the arena-sized anthems, they won over my interest.

17. Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead - A superb collection of synth-driven indie rock that's equal parts moving and catchy.

18. Girl Talk - Feed the Animals - More of the same mash-up greatness that you either love or hate.

19. M83 - Saturdays = Youth - Amidst swirling synth and multiple layers of sound, this album becomes almost magical at points.

20. Goldfinger - Hello Destiny - Returning to thier older sound, this album was a tremendous amount of fun, reminding me of why I loved Goldfinger in the first place.

21. The Bronx - the Bronx - Another excellent album full of dusty rock and roll, with roaring vocals and amped up guitar work.

22. TI - Paper Trail - A wonderful blend of "gangsta-rap" and straight up top 40 pop, TI hit the gold mine with a great collection of singles.

23. Hot Chip - Made in the Dark - More subdued and mellow then previous efforts, its still endlessly catchy and pretty at times.

24. Ben Folds - Way to Normal - Ben Folds is the master of upbeat and fun piano punk, and this album is no exception.

25. We Are Scientists - Brain thrust Majesty - Less straightforward then thier last disc, this is an uneven but fun pop rock album.

26. Jack's Mannqeuin - The Glass Passenger - Andrew McMahon is the master of moving and building piano punk, and this album is no exception.

27. F*cked Up - Chemistry of Common Life - A roaring punk epic that rock's extremely hard.

28. Why? - Alopecia - I won't even attempt to try and describe this album, or fit it into a genre, it's just really great.

29. Crystal Castles - Self Titled - Off putting at times and poppy at others, this album's absolutely captivating.

30. The Killers - Day and Age - The worst of their three albums, but still great at some points, and horribly boring at others.

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