Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm tired and my brain's fried from writing the last essay of the year. I'd love to a longer post about one of my favourite song's (I don't want to say which, as the post will come eventually), but instead I'm just going to throw down some stuff about music I'm listening to.

- Apparently Static-X are good again. Also, shockingly heavy. Machine was such a rocking album that it's kind of sad they got lost in the shuffle when the big nu-metal bubble burst.

- Speaking of nu-metal, when are Korn going to throw in the towel? It's really sad to see a 40 year old dude in a kilt complaining about angsty teenage problems. I won't deny how great Follow the Leader was ten years ago, but they haven't done anything noteworthy in a long-ass time. The drummer got it right when he walked away.

- I do think it's funny that Korn's the fake-band with Lil Wayne in the Prom Queen video. Which by the way, is a shitty song. I'm not a huge rap guy, but Tha Carter 3 was excellent last year, and I truly thought Lollipop was something like how pop music will be in the future, but this new one's a real clunker. I hate when someone's so good at something, yet they're so good they feel the need to try and do something else. Please stick to rapping, do not fucking sing Lil Wayne.

- While on YouTube looking for those videos, I found THIS monstrosity. I will never, ever get the Japanese, other then on the ironically funny level.

- On the video topic, Eminem's new video is really interesting. I like the song enough, but at this point Eminem's schtick is so predictable, but almost to the point where it's fun again. Once you stop expecting him to do something different, it's fun to watch him rip on women so much.

- The new Dan Deacon album, Bromst, is nothing short of amazing. He's taken electronic music to a new level, creating a whole sonic landscape on his album. It flows so well, and it's way more evolved and lush then typical computer-music should be.

- Speaking of synth/electronica taken to new levels, I still love LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver album. Both All My Friends and Someone Great play on emotional levels that most music can only dream about. Sound of Silver is a masterpiece, I love it the more I listen to it.

- I've never been a huge fan of Mastodon, simply because I'm not a big Metal fan, and they're overhyped to hell, but their new song, Crack the Skye, is kind of badass. Sounds like every other piece of proggy-metal to me, but it's still good.

- The Decemberists new album, The Hazards of Love, is really good, but maybe two or three songs to long. I love the use of leitmotifs (recurring musical elements/themes) as it can really tie an album together if done subtlly enough, and they did it well on the album. It just might be too long to be a great album, really feels like a couple of cuts (everyone loves B-Sides!) would have done it well. Bit over-indulgent, as well as being too similar to the Crane Wife (another brilliant CD) - overall, still really great. LOVE THIS SONG.

- I got into the Von Bondies late, since their new song, Pale Bride, phenomenal. At the same time I've always loved C'mon C'mon, without ever knowing who it was singing. Both are great, if not similar songs. Makes me want to watch Rescue Me (which is at the top of my list of shows to watch if I ever get some time). Of the two, I like Pale Bride more, but C'mon C'mon is fun for how short/fast it is.

- Truer words have never been spoken: There Are Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor! Such a funny/true premise, made all the more better by the great video.

- As great as Flight of the Conchords are, I almost feel that The Mighty Boosh are better. Definately weirder and nost as much reliance on songs, but overall, maybe a better comedy show. The first season where the two of them are zoo keepers is easily in my top five seasons of television. I had so much joy watching that run. Various proof of Boosh awesomeness: ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE

That's enough for now. Between my shitty words, and these awesome videos, you should be busy for at least thirty five minutes.


PS: Twenty videos! Badass! Thanks Youtube!

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