Friday, April 10, 2009

Songs I'm Currently Obsessed With!

This Edition:

Wild Light - California on My Mind

Alt Nation's been playing the crap out of this song lately, and for good reason. It's endlessly poppy and upbeat, yet the lyrics are horribly angry at someone/the state of California.

As we head into the summer, I'm always on the look out for great "Summer Songs" (a term I use that I'll define soon), which is basically a great song to listen to in the happy and bright days of summer. The song's got to be poppy, upbeat, and just a joy to listen to.

California on My Mind is extra great, since it is so poppy, but at the same time the lyrics are fairly obscene and morbid ("Give me a lake that I can dive into... bury my head in the shit at the bottom").

I think we can all relate to the state of mind were something/someone has angered us so much that we want nothing more to just forget about it, but all we can do is think about the thing pissing us off so much.

I prefer to let the song speak for itself, but to give it a frame of reference to anyone whose yet to hear the song, LAST.FM lists their similar artists as AC Newman (of the New Pornographers), The Arcade Fire, and the Airborne Toxic Event. I can definitely see a bit of all those bands in Wild Light, but ultimately, California on My Mind is far simpler then those artists, which is the brilliance of the song: it's quick, it's upbeat, and it sounds sunny when being really angry.

There is a link to a free MP3 below, so you all have no excuse NOT to listen to this song, so go ahead and get it, I recommend it, since I'm going on ninth listen to the song in a row.

That's the song that I'm currently obsessed with.



Free Mp3 Download ( Free MP3 of the Day!)

Youtube: California on My Mind Video

Streaming on Wild Light's MySpace


  1. cool song how did you find it out

  2. I listen to a LOT of SiriusXM's "Alt Nation" (21 on Sirius) station.

    It's the perfect mix of stuff for me, and they've been playing this song a lot, for good reason.

    I was a bit skeptical about the Satellite Radio thing, but Alt Nation is the perfect station for me, I'm glad I went the non-terrestial route.